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..."The Hood"
Mt Hood
a little hut at a lavender field farm

There's a section of Oregon I call the Hood: it starts in the small picturesque town of Hood River, up on the Columbia and travels south as far at Mt. Hood. In between is farmland called the Hood River Valley. It's an area rich in soil and filled with wine and fruit orchards.

In summer, when various fruit are being harvested, an auto tour called The Fruit Loop winds you through the streets filled with booths and stands of the farmers offering their ripened produce.

All the while, Mt Hood is looming above. Heading further south to the base of the 11,249 foot glory, one can drive up the six-mile road to Timberline Lodge at the foot of Mt. Hood. Even in summer, skiers dorn their gear to enjoy what snow might be left on the mountain.

At the right time of year, lavender farms can also be seen. Most are "pick your own."
Mt Hood from a distance
Mt. Adams
While Mt. Hood can be seen at the south end of the valley, this Mt. Adams, the second highest mountain in Washington, appears at the north end. Her legendary name is Klikitat, and she, like Hood, is part of the mighty Cascade Range.
Mt. Adams
Mt. Adams
Mt. Hood
the Hood River Lavender Farm with Mt. Adams in the background
the gravesite of a pioneer woman
Off the main road near the intersection of Hwys 35 and 26 at the base of Mt Hood is a sign called "a memorial to a pioneer woman." The plaque (below) tells the story.
the memorial to a pioneer woman
plaque, memorial to a pioneer woman
Reflection of Mt Hood in Trillium Lake
On a less windy day and perhaps at a better time of day, Mt. Hood reflects nicely in Trillium Lake which is located on the south side of the mountain.
Timberline Lodge
Timberline Lodge, built in 1937, is located on the south base of Mt. Hood at an elevation of 6000 feet. It is a major ski resort of Oregon and is on the list of National Historic Landmarks.
Timberline Lodge
One floor above the main entrance, one can stand on the terrace where Franklin Roosevelt dedicated the lodge in 1937 and get a view of Mt. Jefferson which stands 40 miles to the south. Built during the Great Depression, Timberline is the work of the WPA, the Works Progress Administration.
Timbelrine Lodge's backyard and Mt. Hood
Wildflowers, mostly lupine, dot the "backyard" of Timberline Lodge.
inside the lodge, its main lobby
the lodge's interior
Timberline Lodge, outside
looking south to Mt. Jefferson
the Pacific Crest Trail sign that wanders through the lodge's backyard
Looking south (above and below) outside the lodge to Mt. Jefferson in the far distance
Mt. Jefferson
Mt. Hood from the Fruit Loop
Back on the Fruit Loop, clear shots of Mt. Hood's north face can be had.
Horsefeather's Restaurant and Pub
I had always said my favorite BBQ in the U.S. is Buz and Ned's in Richmond, VA. However, the sauce on the pulled pork here at Horsefeather's Brew Pub in Hood River was out of this world delicious.

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