the wandering chick
...Big Sur
and the "cliff-hanging" Highway One
Outside Carmel, headed to Big Sur
The thrilling drive along California's most infamous piece of coastline started. for me and my travel companions on this October day, in Carmel and ended at the town of Big Sur. Along the 30-mile route there are several overlooks for pulling over and taking in the rugged beauty of Big Sur.
Lobos Point
Point Lobos
Point Lobos is one of the first stops when traveling the Big Sur coastline from north to south.
Soberanes Point
Above and Left: Soberanes Point
Soberanes Point
Bixby Bridge
fog band
Above and Below: Bixby Bridge
One never knows when the fog may start rolling in...or dispersing. We were hoping for a clear view of the lighthouse, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.
the Highway One
Bixby Bridge
ice plant along the highway one
Highway One
Nepenthe Restaurant
people watching at Nepenthe
Nepenthe is one of the (few) restaurants along Big Sur, but it has all that you could want in the way of food and drinks. Sitting out under the umbrellas is a real treat and a great spot for watching....
bird at Nepenthe
...people wearing cute hats...
...birds hoping for a free handout...
...or the fog roll in over the Santa Lucia Mountains
Nepenthe in fog
Nepenthe gift shop
Some very nice gifts and souvenirs can be found in Nepenthe's gift shop.
Big Sur shoreline
Bixby Bridge
a fog bank rolling in
Bixby Bridge, featured in various movies and TV shows and commercials, is a vital link connecting the coastal towns on either end of the bridge. It was built in 1932.
A fog bank can roll in at any time along the coast, obscuring the view and probably sometimes even the road! Yikes!!
a cliff along the coast
Yep, this is all we got to see of the lighthouse...just enough to make us realize how important it is to those at sea.

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