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and the North Shore Drive

It's one of those places where it's lovely when the sun shines, but you probably wouldn't want to be there in the winter.

A short trip to Duluth and a drive up the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior made for a wonderful two-day trip, but five days would have been better...and I only went as far as Gooseberry Falls. It's no wonder the drive is considered one of Minnesota's best scenic highways.

Whether you like the city or the countryside, Duluth is a great travel location. It's easy to get around in, and its Canal Park and bayfront areas are enjoyable and very picturesque.

the aerial lift bridge
The Aerial Lift Bridge connects Duluth's mainland to Minnesota Point, a narrow strip of land also known as Park Point. The bridge raises its lower level to allow tall boats and ships into and out of the harbor.
under the aerial lift bridge
duluth lighthouse
duluth lighthouse
Duluth's two main lighthouses are stationed at the end of breakwaters flanking the aerial lift bridge. They mark the 300-foot-wide entrance from Lake Superior to Duluth's harbor, a rather narrow entrance making it one of the lake's most dangerous.
Duluth's most popular sandy beach is on Minnesota Point also known as Park Point. Facing Lake Superior, the beach parallels a two-lane road that travels the seven-mile distance of the sandy spit of land from the aerial bridge past Duluth's airport.
duluth lighthouses
Duluth's Lakewalk
Duluth's lakewalk
duluth lakewalk
SS William Irvin
The SS William Irvin is docked in the Bayfront area of Duluth's entertaining and tourist district. It offers tours and is owned by the U.S. Steel Company, once the flagship of the Steel fleet.
rocky beach in Canal Park
Canal Park is a great area for hanging out at the lake's edge and strolling the breakwaters that hold the town's lighthouses.
Duluth business district
Duluth's business district as seen from Canal Park
flowers line the Canal Park area
sandy beach
duluth's sandy beach
Duluth's sandy beach
Duluth's sandy beach
Duluth at night
Duluth's business district from the Lakewalk
Aerial lift bridge at night
Glensheen Mansion
Glensheen Mansion
The Glensheen Mansion is a 7-acre, 39-room estate overlooking Lake Superior just on the northern outskirts of Duluth. Built between 1905 and 1908, it was the family home of mining millionaire Chester A. and Clara Congdon until 1977 at which time the last remaining family member, daughter Elizabeth, died (a scandalous murder death) and the home was turned over to the University of Minnesota. Today, the grounds and rooms are open to public tours, remaining intact and with the same furnishings that the family used while living there.
flower garden of Glensheen Mansion
The university continues to maintain flower and vegetable gardens on the estate grounds.
glenseen estate vegetable and flower gardens
Glensheen Mansion gardens
Fischer Creek on the estate grounds
Fischer Creek meanders through the estate grounds and empies into Lake Superior.
Fischer Creek as it empties into Lake Superior
Fischer Creek
on the estate grounds
inside the mansion, the breakfast room
I didn't take many shots inside the mansion, but this room, the breakfast room, I particularly liked.
Two Harbors lighstation
The lighstation at Two Harbors, Minnesota, on Lake Superior's north shore. It's Minnesota's oldest lighthouse, built in 1891 and is now a 4-room bed and breakfast, although it does still aid incoming ships in navigation.
Two Harbors Lighthouse
Agate Bay in Two Harbors, Lake Superior
Lake Superior's Agate Bay at Two Harbors
Looking back to shore at Two Harbors Lighstation from the breakwater
A view of the Two Harbors Lightstation from the breakwater in Agate Bay
The Two Harbors Breakwater Lighthouse
along the north shore of Lake Superior
This and the next three shots were taken at stops along the north shore of Lake Superior on the North Shore Scenic Byway, Minnesota's Highway 61.
along the north shore of Lake Superior
along the north shore of Lake Superior
tunnel along the North Shore Scenic Byway
small ripple in water
Gooseberry Falls, Upper
Gooseberry Falls
Gooseberry Falls lies within Gooseberry Falls State Park on Lake Superior's north shore. Besides the falls, there are hiking and biking trails and camping facilities.
closeup of the waterfall
Both the calm and the raging waters can be found at Gooseberry Falls.
Gooseberry Falls
Gooseberry Falls

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