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I've not spent a lot of time in New Mexico. I spent a couple hours in Mesilla's Old Town a few years backl, and I got a taste of Albuquerque more recently. I went for the balloon fest and visited Old Town as well.

I realize I need much more time not only in Albuquerque, but in the state itself. That might be my destination for the summer of 2013.

So, a couple years I am. I'll be touring Alamogordo, White Sands Natl Monument, Santa Fe and Taos, and hopefully a few places in between.

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
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Albuquerque Old Town
Albuquerque ballon fest
Albuquerque Old Town

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Mesilla, NM
people on sand
Old Apple Barn
and around
White Sands Natl Monument
tent rocks
Tent Rocks Natl Monument
Santa Fe - the backroads
along the Rio Grande
Santa Fe to Taos
Not new, not Mexico (a bumper sticker)
long house cliff dwellings
okeefe house
Bandelier Natl Monument
O'Keeffe country
eagle nest lake
Taos - the Enchanted Circle
taos pueblo
Taos - the Mabel Dodge Luhan House
Taos Pueblo
The Rio Grande Gorge
the big house
rio grande gorge
autumn leaves
Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR
Santa Fe
Old Town
Sante Fe - Old Town
adobe building
hoodoo at Bisti
Church Rock
Bisti Wilderness
Gallup's Red Rock surroundings
mtn scenery
Southwestern backroads