the wandering chick
...East Africa
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
female elephant, Uganda
hooded vulture
female elephant taken at Paraa Lodge, Uganda
a hooded vulture
Cheetah, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
A hyeana at Masai Mara National Park; if you've ever heard the sound of a hyeana, you'll agree it's a horrendous sound; not sure where the term 'laughing hyeana' came from.
female lion
a jackal
a giraffe in the triangle stance
a female lion
Giraffe at Masai Mara Natl Reserve
'two-headed' giraffe
elephant  at Tsavo
Mt. Kilamanjaro is an inactive volcanic mountain in Tanazia and is the highest mountain in Africa. It's the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, more than 15,000 feet at its summit.
agama lizard
An agama lizard taken at Samburu Game Reserve, Kenya
elephant herd
a vervet
This animal in the monkey family is a vervet.
An elephant herd at Amboseli National Park, Kenya
Topi, taken at Masai Mara National Reserve
Plains zebra

Note the two types of Zebra found in East Africa. The one above is a Plains zebra. The main characteristic is that the stripes go completely around the zebra and are wider than those of the Grevy zebra, below. Note its white belly.

an ant hill at Tsavo West
An ant hill at Tsavo West National Park, Kenya
a grevy zebra
lion eating a hartabeest
zebra corpse
Not all in pretty and pleasant in East Africa.
A male lion takes a break after eating the remains of a hartebeest at Amboseli National Park in Kenya.
menu of wildabeest
Amboseli National Park
A female lion and her cub eat a recent kill, a wildebeest, at Amboseli in Kenya.
hippos on the Nile River, Uganda
elephant herd
At Amboseli National Park in Kenya
Hippos on the Nile River in Uganda
trees of bats
Bats sleep in trees in Entebee, Uganda.
fruit market
a rural market between Nairobi and Masai Mara
Left and Above: A rural fruit market in Kenya

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