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...Antelope Island
on the Great Salt Lake
Antelope Island causeway

Antelope Island is the largest of several islands on the Great Salt Lake in northern Utah. Reached from the mainland by an at-water-level causeway, the island is 15 miles long and 4.5 miles wide.

It is home to, and on the migration path of, many species of waterfowl including the California seagull and American Avocets. It also has a large free-roaming bison population of more than 500.

There are forty miles of hiking trails on the island and paved roads that allow fun exploration. Ranch Road, which runs north to south nearly the length of the island, ends at Fielding Garr Ranch, a working sheep turned cattle ranch named after the first settler on the island.

A visitor's center and marina are located on the north end of the island, as well as a campground. One would probably need no more than a day to visit the complete island, unless some hiking was done. There's only one lace on the island to get food: at the Buffalo Grill on Bridger Beach.

Antelope Island causeway
Antelope Island causeway
Antelope Island causeway
Bencher Beach
the (empty) marina
Entrance to Antelope Island is via a seven-mile causeway on the north tip of the island and from the town of Syracuse. On the left side of the causeway is Farmington Bay, and on the right side is Gilbert Bay. Because of the amount of salt content, the two bays are very different and attract different types of waterfowl. The photo above and the next two were taken along the causeway.
Bridger Beach is known for such an enormous amount of salt that swimmers can easily float...or "bob like corks." It's a wonderful beach if you can get past the brine flies and the lake stench.
I found it interesting that the marina on Antelope Island was empty....but never found out why.
Antelope Island causeway
the salt shore that makes up Antelope Island
the salt shoreline
Ranch Road
the salty shore
Ranch Road from Frary Peak Road
Frary Peak is the highest mountain on Antelope Island at 6594 feet.
Ranch Road from Frary Peak Trailhead
Above and Left: Overlooking Ranch Road from up near the Frary Peak Trailhead. In the photo on the left the Wasatch Mountain Range is in the distance.
bison head to green pasture
Bison head down the mountain, across Ranch Road and down to the shoreline.
bison head down the hill
bison reach their destination
bison on the move
from better times at Fielding Garr Ranch
bison reach their destination
White Rock bay and the Great Salt Lake in the distance
Bridger Bay
An old pickup is the sign of better days on Fielding Garr Ranch.
White Rock Bay

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entrance to the marina
Above and Right, below: Overlooking White Rock Bay from Buffalo Point
Entrance to the marina