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Lady Liberty and the NYC skyline
NYC skyline with autumn trees
Lady Liberty
Ellis Island

This is the Main Building on Ellis Island. It was the point of entry of 12 million immigrants to the U.S. between 1892 and 1921.

Today it houses a museum and family research center that focuses on archival and genealogical records for the descendants of those immigrants.

a non-typical angle of Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty
NYC skyline in autumn from the ferry going to Ellis Island
NYC skyline at dusk
skyline of NYC at dusk
The NY Public Library
The New York Public Library undergoing minor restoration.
old and new buildings of NYC
buildings old and new
the Financial District's bull
The Charging Bull is a popular landmark of NYC's Financial District and Wall Street.. It stands on Bowling Green Plaza.
lighted snowflakes on side of building
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas time, NYC streets come alive with Christmas lights and decorations, as in the bright snowflakes on this shopping street near Rockefeller Plaza.
Times Square
NYC's Time Square
NYC church
St. Patrick's Cathedral.
trees on office bldg in downtown NY
trees add a bit of nature to office building in downtown NYC
NYC isn't ALL glass and concrete. Autumn trees add a bit of nature to this office building in the heart of the city.
Washington Square
The arch at Washington Square, a Greenwich Village park in Manhattan.
Central Park
Central Park

Above, right: A skater leaves Central Park.

Following shots: Central Park in the fall

A skater leaves Central Park
Central Park
Above and below: Strawberry Fields, the memorial to John Lennon, in Central Park.
Strawberry Fields in Central Park
Strawberry Fields, Central Park

Possibly more fun than the Thanksgiving Day Macy's Parade itself, the day of the balloon inflation draws throngs of people to the two city blocks between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue near the American Museum of Natural History.

Watch as our most well-loved fictional characters are transposed from a state of "flat as a pancake" to "fully blown."

Once inflated, sandbags and netting are used to hold them to the ground until parade time.

balloon, Ronald McDonald
balloon inflation
Energizer Bunny balloon
workers inflate balloon

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If you haven't guessed, this one is the Energizer Bunny.