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Old Sacramento, the capital city's historic district, is a wonderful attraction for a day. Get lost in the shops whose housing is so typical of the Old West, then cross the cobblestone street to the Central Pacific Train Depot. There you can sing along with the conductor to the corny tunes of - are you ready? - "Clementine."

Take a train ride, take a boat ride down the Sacramento River or take a horse and buggy ride. It's all there.

The capitol is pretty impressive, too, as are the gardens behind it.

Old Sacramento
Old Sacramento
Old Sacramento
Old Sacramento
Old Sacramento
Old Sacramento
Old Sacramento
Delta King Riverboat Hotel
Old Sacramento
Sacramento and American Rivers confluencec
The confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers
old water tower, filtering plant
Riverbank Marina

The Delta King Hotel is a unique Sacramento treasure. The riverboat plied the Sacramento River between San Francisco and Sacramento from 1927 to 1940. During World War II it served as a troop transport on San Francisco Bay. After the war the Delta King became a derelict roaming the Delta, without purpose or home. It sank at Richmond in San Francisco Bay in 1982. 

In 1984 it was taken to Sacramento where it underwent an extraordinary renovation at a cost of $9 million. Today it is a floating hotel with 44 modern rooms,, 2 restaurants, 2 theaters, a wine school and facilities for weddings and conferences.

Its twin is the Delta Queen on the Mississippi River at New Orleans.

The old water filtering plant. A new, modern was has been built, so this one is no longer is use. (It's much cuter than the new one.)
The Riverbank Marina has a couple restaurants, so often boaters pull up to shore, dock, take in a meal, then head back down the river. What a life.
Sacramento skyline
Sacramento skyline
Above and Right: the Sacramento skyline
ski jetter
gotta yachta
All kinds of boaters ride the waters of the Sacramento River. And the day I was on a cruise, the water police were watching every boat, every move, every minute.
the Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
Sacramento's Tower Bridge
downtown Sacramento
downtown Sacramento
Sacramento, the downtown section, has some pretty impressive buildings.
the Capitol
The Capitol dome
Above and Right: Sacramento's Capitol

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