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northern Africa
Hammamet fortress
A 15th century fortress is situated on the beach in the town of Hammamet.
the beach of the Royal Phenecia Hotel, Hammamet
the Royal Phenicia Hotel, Hammamet
the beach at Hammamet
Above and right and below: the Hotel Phenicia and its beach in Hammamet; there's always a camel or two around waiting for paying tourists.
a camel awaits tourists on Hammamet's beach
Nabeul camel market
Above and Below, left and right: The camel market in Nabeul
carpets sold at the camel market in Nabeul
the camel market in Nabeul
sunset on the beach at Hammamet
sunset at Hammamet beach
El Djem amphitheater
Sunset shots on the beach at Hammamet
amphitheater at El Djem
One of the largest Roman structures in the world is this amphitheatre in El Djem. It was built in the 3rd century.
Tunisia is a small country located in north central Africa, tightly squeezed between Algeria and Libya, on the Mediterranean Sea. On the south side, it eases itself into the great Sahara Desert. Within its borders are gorges, oases, salt flats, desert and a landscape so lunar-like that the movie Stars Wars was filmed there in 1977.
the amphitheater at El Djem
Note the carving in the brick left of the door. USA 1943 Steve Sollon
the amphitheater at El Djem
Troglodytes in the town of Matmata
Troglodytes in Matmata

In the southern region of Tunisia, in the town of Matmata, are the Troglodytes - cave dwellers. Their homes are plain and simple, some at ground level, but typically a whole in the ground, about two stories down, painted normally white or in earth tones, and rooms separated by arches or short passageways. When you look down into the home from ground level, you are looking into the courtyard. One or more entrances off the courtyard will lead you into the other rooms.

The terrain in which the Troglodytes live is far removed from the rest of the country. Because of its moon-like appearance, it was chosen as the site of the first Stars Wars movie, in 1977.

The surrounding photos are of the cave dwellings.

cave-dwellings in Matmata
cave-dwellings in Matmata
the Sahara Desert
It was a real treat to see and stay overnight in the Sahara Desert. Even though we were only about 45 minutes into it, we got a pretty good feel for how vast and unrelenting it can be.
our camel ride into the Sahara
the back of my camel's head
And they say the worst view is the camel's rear end.
loving the Sahara
desert sand
silhouettes on the Sahara
Tunisian silhouette
our Bedouin home for the night
The city of Tozeur
the city of Tozeur
the Selje Gorge by train
the Selje Gorge by train
the Selje Gorge by train
The only transport through the Selja Gorge in southern Tunisia is by train. The train, made completely of wood except for the engine, is known as the Red Lizard and was given to Tunisia by France. It snakes through passageways and tunnels through the gorge of high pink-tinted cliffs.
the Selje Gorge by train
the Selje Gorge by train
the Selje Gorge by train
The holy city of Kairouan

Above: The holy city of Kairouan is said to have the world's first minaret, part of the oldest mosque in North Africa. The minaret (above) is noticeable thicker than ones of later years. It dates from the year 730.

Right: Islamic cemeteries always point their headstones toward Mecca.

cemetery in Kairouan

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