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seattle skyline
Seattle waterfront
Seattle skyline
restaurant at Pike Place Market
Seattle skyline
From any angle, Seattle's skyline is spectacular.
Pike Place Market

If you've been to Seattle, you've been to Pike Place Market on Elliott Bay's waterfront. Besides being a great tourist attraction, it's one of the oldest continously-operated farmer's markets in the country, having opened in 1907.

Shop the shops, meet the merchants, and select your food for the day, from fruit to fish, all absolutely fresh.

But you've not seen it all until you've hung out at the Fish Market to watch the flying fish as the fish vendors play toss and catch, mostly I guess, for the enjoyment of the tourists.

seagulls at seattle's waterfront
King Street Train Depot
The King Street Train Depot
Seattle skyline
Seattle's skyline as approaching by ferry in Elliott Bay.
wildart, on Elliott Bay
wildart, Seattle's Elliott Bay
the original Starbucks
Yep, the original Starbucks.
Seattle highway and Quest Field in the background
Seattle's viaduct, Highway 99, is under scrutiny for replacement.
harbor at Bainbridge Harbor
Bainbridge Island is across Elliott Bay from Seattle. It's a town of its own with a few cozy restaurants around the harbor.

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Mt. Ranier
Mt. Rainier and Qwest Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks
Seattle wharf
seagull closeup
The Eraser
Seattle Wharf
The Eraser is part of Seattle's Sculpture Park.
Seattle statue
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Below are pictures I've taken on a second trip to Seattle where one of my travel partners lives. This visit was at the end of three weeks in Alaska...quite a contrast between large city and small fishing towns.

Each time I go to Seattle and see something new, I'm a little more impressed with what it has to offer.

We spent time at the Seattle City Center, saw a wonderful 3-D IMAX show on humpback whales there, and we hiked through Discovery Park out to the lighthouse.

We re-visited the locks, and once again, for some reason, I didn't take pictures there.

Exciting for me was to go up to the top of one of the Queen Anne district hotels for night shots of Seattle's spectacular skyline.

So much to see and do...I'll be back!

This Father and Son fountain is also part of Sculpture Park. Currently revealed is the son, but on the hour, the fountain waters will cover the son, and the water revealing the father will recede. When the art piece first came to Seattle, there was much controversy over the fact that the two figures are naked. The sculptress, Louise Bourgeois, meant to show emotional nakedness, but was perceived more literally by many, leading to debate.
man and son statue
statue Echo
Sculpture Park's newest statue to date is called Echo. It stands 46-feet tall on the bank of Elliott Bay and was sculpted by a well-known Spanish artist, Jaume Plensa.
fountain at City Center
Sonic Bloom at City Center
Is was a beautiful warm day in Seattle, so lots of people were roaming City Center, and kids were getting a kick out of dodging the water jets in the fountain.
Sonic Bloom, City Center
Sonic Bloom it's called...a display of five flowers that hum when visitors walk under and around them. In the day light, the sun catches their petals, and at night they're lit up. It's part of the Pacific Science Center near City Center.
City Center's Sonic Bloom
Seattle skyline
flowers along Elliott Bay
mt ranier from queen anne hill
Practically the identical shot as seen at the top of this page, taken several years ago on my first visit to Seattle. A ferris wheel has been added, and this time there's a boat show going on in the harbor.
Mt. Ranier kinda blends in with the clouds in this shot taken from Queen Anne Hill.
rubber ducks with hats
Seen on one of the boats at the Classic Yacht Boat Show at Seattle's Elliott Bay harbor
reflection of buildings on glass building,downtown Seattle
Mt. Ranier from Discovery Park
A view of Mt. Ranier from the shore of Elliott Bay at Discovery Park
great blue heron in pilings
great blue heron in pilings with fish
Through the pilings of structures on Elliott Bay, this Great Blue Heron was searching for a snack. It didn't take him long to snatch something up out of the murky water.
Discovery Park and Elliott Bay
Overlooking Elliott Bay from Discovery Park
Discovery Park lighthouse
Discovery Park
It's a nice easy two-mile beachside stroll in Discovery Park out to the West Point Lighthouse where Elliott Bay gives way to Puget Sound. The lighthouse has been active since November of 1881 and was the first manned lighthouse on Puget Sound.
Discovery Park lighthouse
Seattle skyline at night
Seattle skyline at night
Seattle skyline at night
Seattle skyline at night
Seattle skyline at night