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The American Falls closeup
... Niagara Falls

Before seeing The Falls up close and personal, I had naively imagined them to cascade down into a bottomless gorge. But now I realize that cascade is too sissy a word for the falls and does not at all describe the mighty, crushing force of the water as it continuously pounds, pounds - forever pounds - down to the otherwise calm, serene river below.

And the beauty doesn't stop with the falls. It flows as emerald green as you can imagine downstream to create rapids that are so swift and powerful that white-water rafting is no longer allowed. (Photos of the White Water Walk are on Page 2.)

It takes a better photographer than I to do justice to the falls' awesome presence, but these are what I have, and I hope they are enjoyed by many.

All three falls

There are three falls that make up what we know as Niagara Falls: the most impressive and the one we've most seen pictures of is the Horseshoe Falls (straight ahead in this photo). Then there is the American Falls (seen on the left). To the right of the American Falls is a smaller one (separated from the American Falls by a very thin strip of land). That falls is called the Bridal Veil.

This view of the falls can be seen from Rainbow Bridge.

The American Falls
This view of the American Falls can be seen from behind the falls, on the American side. Most views of the American Falls are seen from Canada which is across the river from the front of the falls.
The U.S. Observation deck/tower
Yes, those are people standing out on that deck overlooking the falls. This view can be seen from Rainbow Bridge, and the observation tower can be reached only from the American side of the falls.
The American Falls
This is also a shot of the American Falls taken from the American side. It's amazing how strategically placed the observation decks and platforms are. Viewers are truly as close to the rushing falls as they can get without literally being in them.
a rainbow over the American Falls
a rainbow over the Falls
The American Falls just after a rainstorm came through. The bridge (above) is the Rainbow Bridge, the passageway for cars and pedestrians between the U.S. and Canada. Passports are required.
Rainbow over the falls
the American Falls at night
Cave of the Wind
the American Falls and Rainbow Bridge
Cave of the Winds deck
There are several adventure tours on both the American and Canadian side that allow you to experience close encounters with the falls. This one (above and below), called Cave of the Winds, takes you to the base of the Bridal Veil. You reach it from the American side.
Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls at night
Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls
This and the next few pictures are of Horseshoe Falls, best seen from the Canadian side. There's a constant mist in the air caused by the spray from Horseshoe Falls.
Another adventure, Maid of the Mist, is a boat ride that takes you to the foot of both the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls. Blue raincoats are provided. They help a little bit.
Maid of the Mist boat ride
Maid of the Mist
Maid of the Mist boat ride
Maid of the Mist boat ride
Maid of the Mist boat ride
Maid of the Mist boat ride
Journey Behind the Falls Tour
Journey Behind the Falls Tour
Journey Behind the Falls Tour
Another adventure tour that can be taken from the Canadian side is Journey Behind the Falls. It takes you in an elevator to an outside platform that is right at the base of Horseshoe Falls. It's an incredible view, when you can see through the spray.
Horseshoe Falls from Journey Behind the Falls
The Journey Behind the Falls Tour

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