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The falls from the US side
The American falls from Luna Island
The American falls looking toward Rainbow Bridge
The American Falls, The Bridal Veil and Luna Island

In this photo, you can see the American Falls, the observation tower and deck and Rainbow Bridge.

The photo on the right shows Luna Island from where the above photo was taken.

The Bridal Veil
The crowd among the mist of Horseshoe Falls
The next several shots were taken from the American side of the falls.
Horseshoe Falls from the American side
Horseshoe Falls from the US side
No climbing the rail sign
This begs the comment: "WELL, DUH!!!"
Behind the American Falls
The American side, on Goat Island

The U.S. side of the falls is reached through Niagara Falls State Park, the oldest state park in the country. It's made up of several islands, including Goat, Luna and Prospect Point. You can stroll for miles through the park, and each mile brings to view a different staggering scene of not only the falls themselves, but also of the river from where the falls originate as it rushes in from Lake Erie.

A bridge on the US side connects one island to another, the river rushing underneath
a biking couple is sihouetted by the mist of Horseshoe Falls

In direct contrast to the American's soft and easy state park access to the falls is the Canadian's glitz and glamour side with its Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Rainforest and such yesteryear attractions as Ripley's Believe It or Not!, House of Mirrors, a wax museum and a ferris wheel that can be seen from both sides of the falls. The kids love this side.

It's all in Clifton Hills, the amusement area just across the street from the falls, separated by the nicely laid-out boulevard (Falls Avenue) from which you get the best views of all the falls.

Clifton Hills amusement area on the Canadian side
The Canadian side of the falls
the strolling boulevard on the Canadian side
The Viewing Tower on the Canadian side
Clifton Hills on the Canada side
Skylon Tower Restaurant on the Canadian side, with its outside bright yellow elevator. (There's also an interior elevator for the faint of heart.)
Hershey Company on the Canadian side
Falling ice sign
Freezing mist sign
One can only imagine what this area must be like in the winter, and how true signs like these must be.
White Water Walk

After rushing over the falls, the water quickly makes it way downstream to the Niagara River, yet another testimony to the power and fury of the water.

The White Water Walk, an adventure tour that's on the Canadian side of the falls, is a 300-foot boardwalk paralleling the river.

After lives had been lost by darers who were determined to ride the waves, white-water rafting was prohibited here.

White Water Walk
White Water Walk
White Water Walk
White Water Walk

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White Water Walk

I didn't realize until after this trip to Niagara Falls that our Canadian friends appear to be cairn enthusiasts. These cairns were built along the path of the White Water Walk on the Canadian side of the falls.

Returning to Michigan from the falls via Ontario, where it borders the Georgian Bay, I saw on every cliff along this rocky highway, a fondly-made cairn. They stretched for miles. If you're interested, take a peek at that Ontario trip.

And if you are interested in cairns and want to see a page dedicated to them, visit my Neist Point, Scotland page.