donkeys at Vanderpool
the wandering chick
...Texas Hill Country
Rt. 165 between Kerville and Medina

Everyone who's been to the Texas Hill Country raves about it. I was there in winter, well...a South Texas winter...and found it charming.

The small city of Kerrville sits in the heart of Hill Country, among the rugged hills and the rolling vistas. It's a good starting point for anyone visiting the area.

The Medina River
The Medina River
The surrounding shots were taken on Route 165 between Kerrville and Medina. The Medina River twists and winds, just as the road does, on this particular scenic route of the Texas Hill Country.
The Medina River
Route 165
Texas Longhorns
Typical terrain, Route 337
These Texas longhorns, even on a January day, were seeking shade. Taken off Route 337 between Medina and Vanderpool.
Route 337 between Medina and Vanderpool.
Route 337
As the hills get higher on Route 337 toward Vanderpool, you get a nice panoramic view of the heart of the Texas Hill Country.
bikers on route 337
bikers on route 337
The hill country is a popular biking area for bike enthusiasts.
donkeys at Vanderpool
Route 337 toward Leaky
Not that they were jumping with excitement, but these burros kinda enlivened an otherwise desolate road near Vanderpool on Route 337.
A calming river meanders through Leaky on Route 337.
terrain on Route 337
River in Leaky, Route 337
wheat fields on Highway 835 toward Leaky
wheat fields on Highway 835 toward Leaky
wheat fields on Highway 835 toward Leaky
Fields of gold on Highway 83 toward Leaky.
Lost Maples Cafe, Utopia
Lost Maples Cafe in Utopia offers friendly service, good food and the feeling that to eat there one should be wearing boots and a cowboy hat.
Lost Maples Cafe, Utopia
the 'town' of Utopia
Perhaps the Frio River
A couple of buildings on the main street of Utopia - one of those 'don't blink' towns, on Route 187.
Near the Pedernales Falls, south of Fredericksburg
pleateau typical of Texas Hill Country

Above: Near Pedernales Falls, south of Fredericksburg

Right: Taken on Route 348, off of Highway 83 between Leaky and Concan.

Concan Baptist Church on Highway 83
Concan Baptist Church on Highway 83.
the Lone Star flag and American flag
At the entrance to Garner State Park.
the Frio River near Concan
the Frio River near Concan
Above and right: the Frio River near Concan.
old abandoned barn
An old abandoned barn and wnidmill have long outlived their use. Taken on Route 127 south of Concan.
old windmill
mistletoe tree

It appears that someone stuck an old carcus skull on the shoulders of this steer, but I think perhaps an out-of-focus twig was inadvertantly centered just right as I snapped this picture.

Mistletoe trees are abundant throughout Texas Hill Country, these (left and right) taken on Route 127.

one mean looking cow
mistletoe tree
Dang! All I did was snap a couple of pictures!!
a mask, perhaps?

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and Kerrville
Guadalupe River
Kerrville's Tranquility Island
The Guadalupe River meanders through Kerrville, and there seems always to be a cypress-lined walking/hiking trail around from which to enjoy it. The next few shots were taken near downtown at the Dallas Daughtry Memorial Pavilion.
One of Kerrville's prominent walking trails is on Tranquility Island. A major flood in 1932 curved a new path for the Guadalupe River, creating the island. Bridges have been built to create a wonderful place to enjoy an easy walk and see the abundant wildlife. Tranquility Island is part of the Louise Hays Park.
Guadalupe River
Guadalupe River
poison ivy on tree
Guadalupe River
Be warned of the poison ivy vines that grow on the trees in the area. Poison ivy can be identified by its cluster of three leaves, as seen closeup in the photo to the right. Poison ivy is not always in the form of vines. It also grows as bushes in heavily wooded areas.
blue heron
poison ivy leaves
A blue heron watches silently for its next meal.
yellow flowers along the highway
Spring brings lots of color to the highway and byways of the Texas Hill Country.
Guadalupe River
Guadalupe River
The yellow-crowned night heron is another coastal bird that feeds on the bottom of the Guadalupe River.
Guadalupe River
The Guadalupe River RV Resort has its own walking trail along the river, and it's filled with birds and squirrels.
Guadalupe River
along the Guadalupe River