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...the bridges of Madison County
Roseman bridge
Roseman bridge

There's something about covered bridges that brings out the romanticism in all of us. Yet, others will say, "If you've seen one covered bridge, you've seen them all." And in a sense that's correct here in Madison County, Iowa, as well.

But hey, did you see the movie?? How can you not have some sort of affection for the Roseman and Holliwell bridges?

And so it was that my sister and I met in Winterset, Iowa, for the sole purpose of seeing the bridges that captured our hearts in the movie and book "The Bridges of Madison County."

But they weren't as easy to find as one may think. They and 'Francesca's house' were actually spread out over at least a 20-mile radius, down dusty country roads that seem to go on and on, over the curve of the earth.

But it was worth every mile. Here are the pictures of the bridges taken on this absolutely perfect spring day.

Roseman bridge
inside the roseman bridge
We learned on this trip that the reason the bridges are covered is to protect the expensive planks of wood from the harsh weather.
Roseman bridge
road signs named after the movie characters
the road in front of Francesca's house
We questioned, "What were the names of these roads BEFORE the movie and book??
Francesca's house
"Francesca's house" is privately owned, so this is as close as we could get. We heeded the private property and no tresspassing signs, as well as the chain-locked gate. We pity the people who live here if they have to put up with the likes of gawking tourists like us.
Francesca's house
the Holliwell bridge
the Holliwell bridge
farm house on 225th St.
The area of Madison County is purely farming country. This is a typical scene, one that we happened across enroute to one of the bridges.
Winterset city park
The town of Winterset has a charming city park that has its own covered bridge and the Clark Tower (below) which sits high on a bluff and offers a peaceful view of the surrounding area. The footbridge above and below left has a nice setting and was also featured in the movie.
the foot bridge in Winterset City Park
The river at Pammel State Park
Clark Tower in Winterset City Park
Pammel State Park

Pammel State Park, left and below, is located about three miles outside of Winterset.

It's a beautiful setting and provides full-hookup as well as tent sites.

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Pammel State Park