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... Grand Teton National Park
The Tetons, full range
Mt. Moran towers over Colter Bay
The Tetons are made up of three main summits: The Grand Teton, Mt. Owen and Mt. Moran. The range is part of the Rocky Mountains, running north to south across the Wyoming - Idaho border. This shot was taken at Oxbow Bend Turnout.
The Tetons at Colter Bay
Above and Left: The Tetons at Colter Bay
The Tetons
Jackson Dam
Jackson Dam
The Tetons from Signal Mountain
the water rushing at Jackson Dam
The Tetons viewed from Signal Mountain Summit and Overlook. Signal Mountain is a five-mile drive up 800 feet within the park. From there, you get a grand view of the Tetons as well as the Jackson Hole valley to the south.
from Signal Mountain Summit Overlook
from Signal Mountain Overlook
A wagonwheel makes up the landscape at Signal Mtn Lodge
canoes on water's edge at Signal Mtn Lodge
Signal Mountain Lodge is the only lodge in The Grand Teton National Park that offers lakeside lodging. And it has a wonderful outdoor restaurant.
Mt Moran closeup
Mt. Moran
the tetons from jackson lake lodge
covered wagon on display at Menor's Ferry
wagon caption
The Tetons and the Snake River
The Snake River is as prominent in the park as are the mountains.
The Tetons at Snake River Overlook
The Tetons closeup
Mormon Row Historic Distrcit
Mormon Row Historic District

Mormon Row Historic District is a group of homesteads that was built in the 1890s in Jackson Hole. Abandoned after only two generations, a few of the barns and homes still stand, offering a true sense of the way life was "out West."

The next few pictures (and the one on the right) were taken at Mormon Row.

Mormon Row Historic District
Mormon Row Historic District
bison on the road
Mormon Row Historic District
bison on the road
bison on the road
bison on the road
bison on the road
bison on the road
String Lake
The park rangers suggest you STAY IN YOUR CAR!!!! when the buffalo roam. Maybe this is why, ya think??
String Lake
South Jenny Lake
An inukshuk or cairn, built in S. Jenny Lake runoff water

Above and Below: The water's edge to South Jenny Lake, a popular spot for hiking, boating and mountain climbing.

Left: A cairn, or inukshuk, built at the water's edge of South Jenny Lake

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Medicine Bow

Scenic Highway 296

Here and there in Wyoming

South Jenny Lake

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If you spend any time at all in Grand Teton Natl Park, you're sure to see a herd of buffalo. We watched these guys and dolls for at least 45 minutes as they tried to decide whether the grass was greener on the left side of the road, or the right.