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North Carolina

A friend and I spent a couple hours on the Kure Beach, North Carolina, pier, an obviously well-known fishing spot for locals and non-locals alike. Leaving the fishing to the multitudes that gathered on this particular October day, we were more enthralled with the pelicans, gulls and dolphins that also frequent the waters there.

The pier has an interesting history of its own, and being one of the longest piers on the east coast (700-plus feet, according to its Web site), it allowed me to capture pictures that one may not often see - the backside of the ocean waves.

Normally, people stand on the shore and watch the waves come crashing in. But the back side, just as the wave is cresting, is surprisingly smooth and almost silky looking. I was truly fascinated and took many, many pictures, trying to capture its unusual beauty.

Oh, did I mention the pelicans? Some, flying past the pier to an unknown destination; others - perhaps the hungrier ones - hanging out on the railings of the pier in hopes of pigging out on the fishermen's discards. Lucky for me, the patient fish-eaters didn't mind having their picture taken.

posing pelican
backside of wave
waves, Kure Beach
crashing wave
prism on wave
smiling pelicans
man on road
kure beach shoreline
pelican flying away from camera
surfer in prism
pelicans flying over waves' spray
pelican with wings spread
"I caught a fish t-h-i-s big!"
pelican with throat pouch
Talk about shoveling it in - a pelican's bill is transformed into a throat pouch for scooping in the fish it's being given.
wave spray shows prism
pelican flying over waves, sunlit
kids playing at shoreline
silky backside of wave
people on crowded pier

Whether fishing or taking an afternoon stroll, Kure Beach Pier, North Carolina, packs them in, especially on a beautiful day such as this balmy, fall day in October '08.

Just across the street from the pier is the Old Pier House Restaurant, certainly worth a visit for some of the best seafood in town. You'll find both tourists and locals frequent this long-standing establishment. If you like casual dining, you'll surely go back for more of their good food and friendly hospitality.

Old Pier House Restaurant
splashing wave
angel wing formation in clouds

While waiting for the sun to set on one particular day, I noticed this cloud. It looked to me like an angel's wing. I figured it was probably my mom saying hello.

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