the wandering chick
...Gulf Shores, Alabama
white sand of gulf shores beach
fences help control shifting sand
fences control the shifting sand at gulf shores
sunset over the water
trees damaged by Hurricane Ivan

Gulf Shores, Alabama, suffered major damage by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. As seen by the picture to the left, trees in Gulf State Park, just across from the beach, were hugely impacted.

Not only were they toppled by the winds, but many had to be felled due to the diluge of salt water that left them diseased.

Still, it's a wonderful place to visit. The beaches remain; the color and texture of the warm and silky white sand continue to please the feet of happy visitors.

my shell collection from gulf shores
These shells were collected on the stretch of beach closest to the Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores. Even with a chip here and a hole there, it was exciting finding them, and I shall keep them as fond memories.

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