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...Yosemite Natl Park
On Tioga Pass Road
The year of the gushing falls. Oh, yeah.

Because I was in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas when I visited Yosemite, I entered the grand park from the east side, via the Tioga Road. That may be considered the opposite side of the park from "all the action," but there is such incredible beauty along the Tioga Pass I would not have wanted to miss it.

Because of the heavier-than-usual snowfall this year, there was still snow everywhere, even in Tioga Lake, where the ice had not yet July.

I visited the park on the 4th of July weekend....big mistake. It was so crowded, traffic was ridiculous with everyone wanting to see the waterfalls that were just simply out of control. HOWEVER, it was a beautiful visit, and I will go back hopefully in the fall when there are less people and cars. So...visit again later for a continuation of pictures.

On the east side of the park, along Tioga Road
Tioga Pass Road
Ellery Lake on Tioga Road
Ellery Lake
Ellery Lake
Tioga Lake
Tioga Lake in July. Tioga Lake is very near the Tioga Pass (east side) entrance to the park.
Tioga Lake , on Tioga Pass Road
Tioga Lake , on Tioga Pass Road
possibly Tenaya Lake
on Tioga Pass Road
A view from Tioga Road
Tenaya Lake
Tenaya Lake
Tenaya Lake
Half Dome
the formation near Half Dome
The view of Half Dome Rock from Olmsted Point
The rocks just to the left of Half Dome from Olmsted Point on Tioga Road
Bridal Veil Fall
waterfall in the distance
Another view of Bridalveil Fall
Upper Yosemite Fall
Bridal Veil Fall
the spray from Bridal Veil Fall
Bridalveil Fall was stunning this year due to the increased amount of snow melt. Visitors who ventured the complete trail to the fall came back soaked from the spray.
The water from Bridalveil Fall pounded over rock and trees to make its way to the creek.
I got this shot and the one below right of Upper Yosemite Fall while stuck in traffic. A nice place to be stuck.
I have returned to Yosemite in early September. The picture above and the following pictures were taken then. Above is a giant sequoia tree trunk in the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias near the south entrance to Yosemite.

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Upper Yosemite Fall

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Mariposa Sequoia Grove
California Tunnel Tree
Upper Yosemite Fall, taken in early July
Yosemite's Wawona Hotel
The California Tunnel Tree is a living tree.
I was very impressed with the Wawona Hotel and the cottages behind it. The Wawona is located at Yosemite's south entrance. Below is the Moore Cottage.
Wawona Hotel complex, Moore Cottage
fire damage Aug.2011
In August of 2011 there occurred a fire in Yosemite's El Portal section. This includes the west entrance from Mariposa and Midpines, the Route 140. As I passed through that section I was surprised at the vast amount of land that was damaged. The following pictures were taken within about a three-mile radius of each other.
Yosemite fire Aug 2011
Yosemite fire Aug 2011
Yosemite fire Aug 2011
Yosemite fire Aug 2011
The fire must have jumped the road. The photo above and the one below were taken on opposite sides of the Highway 140.
reflection of mountains in merced river
a doe a deer
a doe, a deer
tunnel View
From Tunnel View, you see an impressive shot of El Capitan (left), Half Dome (in the background) and Bridal Veil Fall (in the shadow far right).
El Capitan
The massive El Capitan
el capitan
Housekeeping camp
Housekeeping Camp are tent facilities provided in the Yosemite Valley. There is a double bed and two bunks in each tent, a light, and an electrical outlet. Outside there is a firepit, a picnic table and a bear-proof food storage cabinet. Linens, etc. can be rented. There are river and non-river units.
the Merced River
The Merced River runs through the Yosemite Valley. This shot was taken in Housekeeping Camp, near the river units.
a meadow in Yosemite Valley
Bridal Veil Fall with rainbow
a Yosemite squirrel
A meadow in the Yosemite Valley
Bridal Veil Fall witih rainbow
This view of Bridal Veil Fall was taken from Tunnel View Overlook. According to a ranger on site, this rainbow is not as good as it gets. As the sun travels lower in the sky later in the year, the colors get more intense and there is a more fully-formed rainbow. I was pretty satisfied with this gorgeous view.
Upper Fall
Upperand Lower Fall
Cathedral Beach
Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls
A reflection of El Capitan from Cathedral Beach
Sentinel Dome
Sentinel Dome off Glacier Point Road
On Sentinel Dome
On Sentinel Dome
mountains jut from the valley floor
The Sierras from Sentinel Dome
From the top of Sentinel Dome one has a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains and Yosemite park. Sentinel Dome can be reached from the Glacier Point Trail. The next several shots were taken from the top of Sentinel Dome.
Half Dome from Sentinel Dome
Upper Yosemite Fall from Sentinel Dome
A grand view of Half Dome from the top of Sentinel Dome
from Sentinel Dome
From the top of Sentinel Dome one has a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains and Yosemite park. Sentinel Dome can be reached from the Glacier Point Trail. The next several shots were taken from the top of Sentinel Dome.
Jeffrey Pine
Glacier Point
Half Dome
Ansel Adams, whose images of Yosemite can be found everywhere, also photographed a lone Jennifer Pine Tree that sat prominently on Sentinel Dome. The tree has since died, but a piece of the trunk is still present.
One of the many highlights of Yosemite is Half Dome, seen here from Sentinel Dome.
pine needles
Glacier Point is the highest spot in Yosemite, and from there one can get awesome views of parts of the valley, Half Dome and both Nevada and Vernal Falls. It's a must-see for any trip into Yosemite. This shot is of a ledge that juts out over the valley floor.
people photographing the view at Glacier Point
Half Dome from Glacier Point
As the sun begins to set, a totally different light is cast on the rock formations, such as here on Half Dome.
sunset in Yosemite
sunset in yosemite
the Merced River in the valley
The Merced River meanders through Yosemite's valley and out of the west side of the park toward El Portal.
Mirror Lake
The Ahwahnee Lodge
Mirror Lake, in the early 1900s, was a thriving hot spot for Yosemite visitors, offering a very large lake with a perfect reflection of the mountains above. But the lake is gradually losing its water and today offers not much more than what is seen here. It sits at the foot of Half Dome, and there's an easy hiking trail to it.
the valley after a rain
The Ahwahnee Lodge has the most impressive - and expensive - accommodations and restaurant in the park.
yosemite valley after rain
The valley after a rain
dlimber on El Capitan
North America image on El Capitan

Climbers on El Capitan point out an image of North America on the face of the massive rock. Looking closely with little imagination, one can see the outline of the continent, even with a clear view of Baja California.

Above Right: A climber makes his way to the top of El Capitan.