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Polecat Creek

Between the Grand Teton National Park and the south entrance to Yellowstone is a small area of land that belongs to neither park. In this area is a tent and RV campground called Flagg Ranch. This was our base while visiting Teton and south Yellowstone.

Adjacent to Flagg Ranch is Polecat Creek. It's mostly a hiking and fishing area, but my traveling buddy and I would take daily vigils there in hopes of seeing some wildlife.

And we did...a grizzly. We knew to go late in the day, unfortunately when it's almost too dark to take pictures. But pictures or not, it was a thrill seeing him (or her - we didn't exactly get close enough to tell which it was). And besides seeing the bear, Polecat Creek was both layback and picturesque.

Polecat Creek
a small grizzly
Polecat Creek
the grizzly
Polecat Creek
prairie dog
prairie dog
Prairie dogs are everywhere in the plains of Wyoming, the east side of the state. You can identify their habitats by the mounds of dirt that are spread out over the fields and pastures.

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Scenic Highway 296

early morning at Flagg Ranch
Above and Below: Early morning fog at Flagg Ranch
early morning fog at Flagg Ranch
fire damage on Grassy Lake Road
Forest fire damage on Grassy Lake Road near Flagg Ranch