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Vilseck, Germany

DODDS teachers,


vilseck staff '73-74
vilseck staff '74-75
vilseck staff '75-76
vilseck staff '76-77
collage around vilseck
The roads and towns around Vilseck
Thanksgiving dinner, 1977
vilseck school
buren staff, 1981-82

This picture was added for my Büren friends Sharon Johnson (seataed first to the left)and Dick and Judy Nell (it's obvious which one is Dick; Judy is seated second from the right). Sharon taught at Vilseck from 1995-1998.

I'd love to hear from any of the others who are in this picture. E-mail me!

Vilseck, the town
The town of Vilseck
some of our getaways
some of our getaways
some of our getaways
our trip to East Africa
ski week in the Bavarian Natl Forest
Reunion in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, 1981

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Vilseck is located in northern Bavaria, northeast of Nürnberg. It's a small German community, but a much larger American Army community. Vilseck and Grafenwöhr make up the largest military training ground in Germany.

That's what Vilseck is to those who have never lived there. But to us, whose faces appear on these following pages, it's a whole lot more. It's a whole lot of memories, friends and good times.

We remember Vilseck by its crooked church steeple and the familiar clock tower dissecting the middle of the Hauptstrasse.

We remember the tank trail that led to Graf, the stork's nest in Hahnbach and the savory aroma of Wienerschnitzel at Zum Hirsch - or was it the Schweinhaxen?

We remember 20k Volksmarches and crystal shopping in Weiden. We remember Kowalski's Porsche, Annie's dog, Marcia and Cato's round house and Diane's 'pedestaled' toilet.

We remember the three-hour drives to the Alps, with the required stop at Ingolstadt to gas up and take a break. And we remember Gross-Arber, very near the Czech border, where many of us donned skies for the first time in our lives.

Why, back in those days, we were never without somewhere to go. We knew every back road, every shortcut, every Dorf in a 30-mile radius and then some.

And they all led to one thing: a favorite eating hole.

Like Sulzbach-Rosenberg with its outdoor bratwurst arbor. And Edelsfeld where we played cards until the Cordon Bleu arrived.

Our Vilseck days have long passed. We've all gone our separate ways and lived our lives with perhaps hardly more than an occasional passing thought of the times we shared there.

But hopefully this page will bring back a few memories, put a smile on a few faces and renew the lost contact of more than a few friends. Enjoy.

Evelyn Anderson
Evelyn Anderson and her daughter Juanita, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, July 2009.
The Rousells

Eddie and Irv Rousell stayed at Vilseck long after many of us left. They are pictured here with Coco and Coco's son Johnathan, his wife Dorina and their son Gabriel. They are all doing well, and Eddie said they'd try to make it to the next reunion.

Eddie and Irving Rousell
Coco Rousell and grandson Gabriel