the wandering chick
...our reunion in Branson
June, 2010
the whole group

Year Four and we're still talking to one another...and laughing and joking .... and we're even all still walking.

This year we met in Branson, the idea of Donna, who wasn't even able to make it because of another reunion she had to attend.

We gained a new face this year: Sandy Helton, as cheerful as ever. We hope next year YOU will be able to meet up with us. The plan is tentatively Sarasota, Florida, home of Jerry and Dale.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics. Thanks to everyone who sent pictures. It's fun to see all of the photos, and all in one sitting.

One thing we didn't do this year, guys: We didn't get a group shot!! The one at left was taken at that Tossing Rolls place.

at Cracker Barrel, Diane, Sandy, Becky
at Cracker Barrel John, Dale, Bill
at Cracker Barrel, Jerry, Annie
viewing the map
Linda, John around the house
Annie and Jerry, around the house
around the house
around the house
enjoying the outdoors at the house
dale's sleeping apparatus

Above: Dale by night (Maybe instead of having "Instructions for TV" we should have had "Instructions for Dale.")

Below: Dale by day (A little more sane, and just as loveable.)

John, Linda, Annie
dale by day
Bill and Becky
waiting for the big drop
Waiting for the big drop! Sheila, Annie and Jerry did the thrill of a Zip line. The rest of us waited in anticipation...and waited...and waited...and waited.
Charlie with Annie's cane
Charlie holding onto Annie's cane while she does the zip line.
zip line
zip line
Finally, the gates open.
into the sunset
running the zip line
... into the sunset.
Sheila on zip line
annie on zip line
jerry on zip line
My sentiments exactly.
annie after the zip line ride
Annie and Jerry, as cool as popcicles out of a fridge.
Smug and proud! So, what are you thinking, Annie? "YES! I did it!" ? Or, "I can't wait to tell Al about this!" ? Kudos to you.
the return of the daredevils
The Devil's Pool Restaurant
We had a couple meals at the nearby Devil's Pool Restaurant.
A shuttle returned our "Fearless Three" from the bottom of the line.
sandy and charlie
dale at Devil's Pool Restaurant
at Devil's Pool Restaurant
breakfast at Devil's Pool Restaurant
Devil's Pool Restaurant was close to the vacation house and served a delicious breakfast. We went there two mornings. It was convenient for the last morning, from where we all said our good-byes.
breakfast at DPR
Sandy Helton
at Devil's Pool Restaurant
Our newcomer this year: Sandy Helton. She drove out from Fort Worth, Texas, and said she'd join us again next year.
on Table Rock Lake
on Table Rock Lake
on Table Rock Lake
on Table Rock Lake
We rented a pontoon and spent a few hours on Table Rock Lake, outside of Branson. With this group, being on the water seems to be a highlight.
on Table Rock Lake
cap'n Dale
"I'll do yours if you'll do mine." What a deal!
.And off they zip ...
Is this the point where Becky raised her hands, and the boat took a nose dive? And then Bill, not be outdone by the boat, did the same?
Seems if there's a Cracker Barrel around, we will find it.
our first dinner together in branson
dinner in branson
on the boat

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