the wandering chick
...our reunion in Asheville, NC
June, 2008

This was the second reunion of the Vilseck DODDS teachers. We met in Asheville, North Carolina, for a wonderful three days.

Why Asheville, one might ask. Well, early on, even pre-planning stages, Diane had mentioned that the Biltmore Estate outside of Asheville was still on her "to see" list.

The location was excellent for a reunion because of the number of our Vilseck gang who live along the east coast.

And not only that, but a real bonus was that Don and Marie Johnson, who live down in Wilmington, and Bill and Incilay Kowalski , who were visiting a daughter nearby, would also be able to join us at that location. So, that settled that.

We missed Becky and Bill , Donna and John and Linda from last year's reunion, but another is already being planned, and we hope they and others who haven't been to either reunion will be able to join in in 2009.

Thanks to Angie, Diane and Jerry for sending photos for this page.

the gang in Asheville

On Day One, we started out with breakfast at the Tupelo Honey Cafe in downtown Asheville. It's known for sweet potato pancakes, a specialty in the area.

After that, we took a city trolley ride to see the major sites of Asheville.

on the trolley
dale and jerry
at crackerbarrel
sittin and waiting
annie bill and dale
diane and others

It so happened that a Cracker Barrel was near the hotels we were staying in, so we had most breakfasts and a few other meals there.

We spent lots of energy and laughs trying to get the right combination of stickies to win a free motorhome, compliments of Cracker Barrel which had a promotion going on at the time.

We never agreed who would actually get it had we won.

Day Two was spent at the Biltmore Estate and at the upgraded McDonald's that is just off the estate grounds.

don and marie arrive
at the hotel
acting goofy in asheville
jerry and me
dale and annie
don and marie
outside the hotel
in front of the biltmore
angie and bill
at the vineyard
the Biltmore Estate
the rock
waving goodbye

Day Three was departure day for Angie and Bill and Don and Marie. We had a final breakfast at Cracker Barrel, signed 'the rock' that Angie is safe-keeping, then waved good-bye.

Those who could stay awhile longer- Dale, Jerry, Annie, Diane and myself - took a day drive on a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We ended up getting rained on while on a hike to Linville Falls. But hey, not one of us melted.

blue ridge by diane
One of Diane's pictures taken along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
diane taking pic of jerry and dale at linville falls
diane, dale and jerry talking
dale waiting for rain to stop
scenic, blue ridge parkway
dale and jerry
scenic-blue ridge
diane, jerry, dale and me
Annie stayed back at the info center and read 'To Kill a Mockingbird" while Dale, Jerry, Diane and I walked in the rain.
don and marie

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diane and me