...our reunion in Sarasota
June 21-25, 2011
the group

Well, you lose some and you gain some...people, that is. We had several new faces this year, but we missed some from reunions past.

Joining us this year were Ann (Peterson) Overmyer and her husband Dick; Sue Arledge; (Father) Bob Richter and Sue (Fox) Upton and her husband Bill.

Becky and Bill, Annie, Sandy, Don and Marie, Carol, Angie and Bill: your absence was very noticeable; we missed you. Some of us have yet to meet Al, so that's just one of the many reasons we're already looking forward to next year's reunion.

Our very sincere thanks to Dale , Jerry, Sue and Bill for hosting us this year. Thanks to you, we had a most wonderful and memorable time. Thanks for letting us get sand between our toes (and then track it into your homes and cars!).

Here we all are...how many years later?? This was taken just before boarding the LeBarge for our sunset cruise. The only teacher not pictured is Diane. It's the most complete teachers group shot we got this year.
Lunch on Wednesday night was at a local seafood joint, O'Learys. Pictured are Bill and Sue Upton, Sheila and Charlie Sargeant and Ann and Dick Overmyer.
Day Two started out with an Amish-style breakfast at the Dutch Heritage Restaurant.
sue fox upton
jerry's house
nature park
Our first sightseeing expedition was to the Ken Thompson Nature Preserve where we learned of the mangrove beds that are ever so necessary to holding all the Florida Keys in place.
squirrel bite, sue
donna, charlie
thompson preserve
thompson preserve
st. armand
group at st armand
We managed to put away a couple hours in the swanky shops of St. Armand before heading to the inviting white sandy beach of Lido Beach, on Lido Key.
at the beach
siesta key beach
john and linda, siesta key beach
first outing
Some of us relaxed and refreshed at Jerry's house (above and left) before meeting with the rest of the group for dinner.
After breakfast we headed to the Myakka River State Park where we watched for alligators along the banks of the river. An airboat ride was also on the agenda, but the water was too shallow for seeing much in the way of wildlife.
jerry's house
The man of many names: Father Bob, Bob Richter, The Father or just plain ol' Bob....in his cool straw hat.
Our hostess Sue (Fox) Upton...is she telling a story or listening to one?
Sarasota harbor
At the Sarasota harbor (bayfront) before our sunset cruise on the LeBarge.
sarasota harbor fountain of dolphins
linda, jerry and me
group at bayfront
on the sunset cruise
the two sues
We could not have asked for better weather for our sunset cruise around the Sarasota Bay.
ann peterson overmyer
sheila, charlie and jerry on the labarge
Ann Peterson Overmyer intent on something skyward
bill upton and bob richter on cruise
Bob and Bill hash it out on the sunset cruise.
watching the sunset
ann and dick watch the sunset
the sunset
breakfast at dutch heritage
breakfast, dutch heritage
breakfast, dutch heritage
breakfast, dutch heritage
breakfast, dutch heritage
breakfast, dutch heritage
Myakka River State Park
Myakka River State Park
alligator at Myakka River State Park
dale leaving
Few of us got to see this big boy, but John and Linda were there to watch him make his way to the water.
Myakka River State Park
Dale had had enough of the alligators - or of the group of us teachers!
Myakka River State Park
A great boardwalk at Myakka River State Park offers views of alligators and myriad shorebirds such as egrets and spoonbills.
Myakka River State Park
Ann talking to Annie
boarding the airboat
While waiting for the airboat tour, we passed the phone around to talk to Annie.
Boarding the airboat
on the airboat
alligator closeup
roseate spoonbills
sue, bill and bob
Even though the river depth was drastically low, we did manage a glimpse of some alligator heads ....and the graceful Roseate Spoonbills (above right).
Sue, Bill and Bob watch as the airboat docks.
sue leaves for airport
Sadly, Sue Arledge had to leave early for the return trip home.
canopy trail
The only significant rain we got while in Sarasota was when Dale, Donna, Diane and Charlene decided to walk the canopy trail at the Myakka River State Park.
charlie and bob at Phillippi Creek Restaurant
canopy walk
Phillippi Creek restaurant
Dinner Thursday night was at the Phillippi Creek Restaurant on Sarasota's waterfront.
at Siesta Beach
the beach at Siesta Key Beach
Siesta Beach is THE beach, and Dale and Jerry promised us a visit. It's known as one of the most beautiful in the country, due mostly to its gorgeous powdery white sand. (Secretly, ALL the beaches we visited were pretty darn fantastic.)
Siesta Beach
Siesta Beach
Siesta Beach
Siesta Beach
Spanish Point
And here we are at Sarasota's Historic Spanish Point, an outdoor museum where civilization dates back to 3000 B.C. The 30-acre site stayed active through present-day 1980 as the winter estate of Bertha Palmer and remained in the Palmer family until it was donated to the Gulf Coast Heritage Association.
Long Boat Key beach
Our final evening was spent at Sue and Bill Upton's home on Longboat Key. A few of us tried to take a leisurely walk on the beach, but approaching thunder clouds sent us back inside.
Sue and Bill's place
Sue and Bill's place
Sue and Bill's place
final morning
...a few shots representative of beautiful Sarasota
We were a smaller group on the final morning when we had our traditional 'last breakfast' before everyone departed for their various destinations.
Siesta Key Beach
Sarasota Bayfront

Above: Lido Beach

Below: a Snowy Egret on Siesta Key Beach

snowy egret
a white ibis
an Ear tree at Historic Spanish Point, with Spanish Moss
This is an Ear Tree, covered in Spanish Moss, taken at Spanish Point.
A White Ibis searches for breakfast on Siesta Key Beach.
the Kiss
This sculpture at Sarasota's Bayfront is called "Unconditional Surrender." The original pose was captured as a photo taken on Times Square in 1945 upon hearing the announcement of the surrender of Japan and thus ending World War II. The two participants were unknown to each other, a spontaneous reaction, caught up in the joyous celebration.
Thanks to all of you who took part in yet another fun Vilseck teachers reunion. And thanks to Linda and Donna for sending me photos.

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Or, you may enjoy visiting the old (but not ancient!!) pictures taken when we were all in Vilseck.


Thanks to Donna for sending the following additional photos.
sunset over Sarasota Bay
nancy's place
Ken Thompson Nature Preserve
This is where John and Linda, Sheila and Charlie and Charlene stayed, on Siesta Key.
At the Ken Thompson Nature Preserve
Laguna Beach
The sugary white sand for which Florida is famous. This photo taken at Laguna Beach.
john and me taking photos
donna on canopy walk
This is the group at breakfast at the Village Café on Siesta Key. The lady across from Dale is Nancy, whose house a few of us stayed in on Siesta Key.
There are plenty of cameras to go around with this crew!
Donna on the canopy walk at Myakka River State Park
looking down from the canopy walk
the crew at breakfast
Wow! Was the canopy walk really that high???
alligator at Phillippi Creek Restaurant
At Spanish Point
A little atmosphere outside the Phillippi Creek Restaurant
At Spanish Point
the wandering chick