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red panda
red panda
I had never seen a red panda before going to ZooMontana, a small habitat for several exotic animals. Red Pandas have the characteristics and eating habits of giant pandas, but they look more like raccoons. They live in the Himilayas and China, but are on the endangered species list. There are less than 2500 adult red pandas in the world.
Roundup, MT
Roundup, MT
Roundup is a unique western town about 50 miles directly north of Billlings. This cheerful little house may catch your eye as you enter the town from the west.
The fields around Billings
Pompeys Pillar
This is typical of the terrain and farmland outside of Billings.
William Clark's signature on Pompeys Pillar
Pompeys Pillar is a national monument east of Billings. It is of special significance because it is the only thing left today that shows physical proof of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. William Clark carved his signature on the sandstone rock in 1806. The signature has since been encased for preservation. Clark named the rock Pompey, after the son of Sacagawea whose nickname was Pomp.
Pompeys Pillar
Pictograph Cave State Park
Pictograph Cave State Park
At Pictograph Cave State Park, five miles southeast of Billings, you can view what's left of pictographs (rock paintings) on the walls of one of the three caves used by prehistoric hunters. The largest cave (above and right) is called Pictograph. There is also Middle Cave (not pictured) and Ghost Cave (below right), so named for the ghost-like rock formations within its walls.
Ghost Cave

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