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Wagner Falls, near Munising
Black River Harbor


There are many, many things that I will remember about Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but those that left the biggest impression are

the endless number of waterfalls which vary in size from gushing to trickling, but each with its own beauty;

the greens of the forests that seem to go on forever;

the clean and clear blue water of Lake Superior

and the silky smoothness of the driftwood found on her shores.

Wagner Falls, outside the town of Munising.
the forest of Munising Falls
driftwood on Sand Point, Munising
at Sand Point
driftwood on Sand Point
sandals on Sand Point
Sand Point is a popular beach destination for local Yuppers. It's about four miles outside of Munising in Alger County, on Lake Superior.
Sand Point
driftwood at Sand Point
Grand Isle from a looking in Munising

Grand Isle, an uninhabited island that's roughly 7 miles long, sits in Lake Superior just off the coast near Munising. One of two lighthouses on the island is the East Channel Lighthouse (left), which is no longer in use.

Although the island is uninhabited, there are a small number of summer cottages (pictured below), all without electricity and running water.

Grand Isle's East Channel Lighthouse
summer cottages on Grand Isle
Miner's Castle, part of Pictured Rocks NL
Miner's Castle, part of Pictured Rocks NL
This rock formation (and to the right) is called Miners Castle. It's a part of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and can be reached by a hiking trail.
Whitefish Point, UP
Lighthouse at Whitefish Bay
driftwood at Whitefish Point

Whitefish Point and Whitefish Bay are located in the very northereastern corner of the UP. There, there is a wonderful Shipwreck Museum, a lighthouse and the Lake Superior shore strewn with driftwood, mostly trees that have been taken by the wrath of the Queen of the Lakes. A memorial to three mariners lost at sea rests peacefully on the shore.

For good reason this area, Whitefish Point, is called the Graveyard of the Great Lakes. Nowhere else among the lakes has there been as many wrecks, more than 300 since navigation began. The high number of ships at this particular area, poor visibility due to fog, forest fires and snow, and simply the nature of the largest lake itself with more than 200 miles of open water that allow a build up of monstrous seas during a Superior 'Northwestern' storm all contribute to the tally of lost ships.

Today, there are fewer. The last wreck, and the one the museum is centered around, is the Edmund Fitzgerald, lost on Nov. 10, 1975.

driftwood at Whitefish Point
Grand Marais boat house and harbor
dunes of Lake Superior shore at Grand Marais
Grand Marais is a harbor town on the UP's Lake Superior shore near the east end of the peninsula. The surrounding beauty of the small town is worth a visit.
grand marais dunes
sandpiper at grand marais
A Sandpiper scouts out the area on the harbor shore of Grand Marais.
pitcher's thistle
an attempt at fireworks
There are three plants that grow on the shores of the Great Lakes and nowhere else in the world. One of them is the Pitcher's Thistle .
Guess I need some practice photographing fireworks, but even if it's not a great shot of the works, I thought the results were kinda whimsical.
Lower Falls in Tahquamenon State Park
Tahquamenon State Park in the UP's northeast corner is known for its two main waterfalls, the Upper and the Lower Falls. This is a picture of the Lower Falls.
Sandstone Falls from the Black River
Black River Harbor and Recreation area waterfall
Black River Harbor falls
The Black River flows directly from Lake Superior on the west coast of Michigan's UP near the small town of Bessemer. The Black River Natl Scenic Byway (Road 513) offers stops to several waterfalls such as Rainbow, Sandstone, Conglomerate and Potawatomi.
Black River Harbor, on the UP's west coast of Lake Superior
Black River Harbor suspension bridge
erosion at Little Girl's Point

Above: The suspension bridge at Black River Harbor

Above, right: Erosion is evident at Little Girl's Point on the Lake Superior coastline, western UP.

Right: Little Girl's Point, on a high bluff overlooking Lake Superior very near the Wisconsin border, is a wonderfully peaceful setting offering picnicing and a boat launch.

Little Girl's Point
The town of Wakefield as seen from its Tank Hill, where the town's water supply is stored. In the background is Sunday Lake, the sight of many morning and afternoon strolls by tourists and local alike. Wakefield is a tidy, charming little town on the UP's western side.
Hiawatha in Ironwood, UP
Copper Peak ski jump

Above: Don't visit Ironwood without going by to see the fiberglass structure of Hiawatha, standing 52 feet high and weighing 18,000 pounds. He big man.

Left: Copper Peak Ski Jump was built in 1970 for the coming of the Winter Olympics. When they were held elsewhere, the ski jump was turned into an Adventure Ride, making it the only Ski Flying Hill in the Western Hemisphere. A chair lift takes you to the jump, which offers a view as far away as the Minnesota-Canada border and more than 2500 square miles of Lake Superior. It's located on the Black River Natl Scenic Byway.

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