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...Mount Baker
yet another area of Washington's intense beauty

Mount Baker is a 10,781-foot volcanic mountain in Washington's North Cascade Range. It's one of the more popular landmarks in the area, as it can be seen from Seattle, from the waters of Puget Sound and from both Victoria and Vancouver. Baker is one of the snowiest mountains in the Cascades, even in the world. It's located in Whatcom County, east of Bellingham.

Mount Baker makes a scenic backdrop for a few good hikes in the Heather Meadows region of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest where picnic tables and a Visitor Center are available.

Also in the area is Nooksack Falls, a relatively short but pretty waterfall that can be viewed head-on as it makes its single 88-foot drop to a rocky canyon below.

Mt Baker
the North Cascades
The North Cascades as seen from the Heather Meadows Visitors Center
Heather Meadows Visitor Center and North Cascades
leafless tree in Heather Meadows
Mount Baker
Sometimes dead tree limbs are more than just dead tree limbs. They take on shapes that stir the imagination. Does anyone else see a torso and legs blowing in the wind? Hang in there, fella. In a couple of months the snow will be so high, your dangling feet will touch the ground!
closeup of the snow on Mt Shuksan
Sitting to the east of Mt Baker is Mt. Shuksan, at just over 9,000 feet.
Picture Lake Trail
A walk around Picture Lake in Heather Meadows offers a nice reflection of Mt. Shuksan.
red-breasted sapsucker
A red-headed sapsucker was viewed in the shrubs on Picture Lake.
sea grass art in lake
sea grass 'art' in lake
Even the sea grass in Picture Lake took on an art form.
Mt Baker Scenic Byway
After the snow melts, the Mt Baker Scenic Byway is a beautiful route up to a few hiking trails a little closer to Baker and Shuksan.
Mt Baker Scenic Byway
hiking the Artist Ridge Trail
Walking the Artist Ridge Trail, a short easy hike that, unfortunately, can only be made three or four months out of the year.
Mt. Baker
dead tree high on bluff
hikers on a ridge
Nooksack Falls
old ship land-bound
Nooksack Falls
Noooksack Falls is in the near vicinity of Heather Meadows and Mt Baker and is a refreshing side trip after hiking the foothills of Baker.
Nooksack Falls
Nooksack Falls
Mountain water collects in a small pond before dropping some 88 feet to the canyon below.
Nooksack Falls
Nooksack Falls
old ship land-bound
An old seemingly abandoned ship makes a picturesque scene on a street in Ferndale headed to Sandy Point Beach.
old ship land-bound
collected sand dollars
Washington State sand dollars collected on Sandy Point, Ferndale
sand dollars
Sunset over Puget Sound

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Ferndale farm
Ferndale's location couldn't be more perfect. The mountains, the sea and the quiet countryside are all minutes away. When the amenities of a larger city are needed, Bellingham is a stone's throw. This dairy farm is located on Mountain View Road in Ferndale.
dairy farm in Ferndale