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...Temple Square

Temple Square is in the heart of Salt Lake City's downtown and is the location of the Mormon Tabernacle, the Mormon Temple, the Family Archives Building and various other Mormon-related buildings and offices.

It is a beautiful and neat square of flowing fountains, lucious gardens and attractive and informative Visitor's Centers.

Salt Lake City
the Mormon Temple by night
Brigham Young
the Mormon Tabernacle
Brigham Young
The Mormon Temple is used by church members for special sacred services and occasions, such as weddings. It took 40 years to construct, having been started in 1853. The walls, made of granite, are nine feet thick at ground level and six feet thick at the top. It rises 210 feet and is topped by an angel. The granite was transported 23 miles by ox-drawn wagons from Little Cottonwood Canyon.
The Mormon Tabernacle, in comparison to the Temple, is quite small and unimpressive, at least on the outside. A special rehearsal was going on while I was there, so I wasn't able to see inside. It's from this building that the choir's Sunday performance is telecast.
JSLDS office building
Temple reflection in pond
The Church of Jessus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Office Building
replica of inside of the temple
side view of the temple
This is a to-scale replica of the interior of the Mormon Temple. It's located on display in the southside Visitor's Center on Temple Square. The temple itself is not open for public viewing.
Salt Lake City Courthouse
The Salt Lake City Courthouse is located three blocks north of Temple Square.
The south side of the Mormon Temple

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