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...the Davis Mountains
Texas has mountains???
Mt. Livermore
the Scenic Loop around the Davis Mtns

Yes, there are mountains in Texas. In an otherwise flat terrain, on the south side of I-10 east of El Paso between Van Horn and Fort Stockton, lie the Davis Mountains. In the middle of this impressive cropping is the small western town of Fort Davis.

A Scenic Loop (Route 166) leaving out of Fort Davis and winding its way to Kent takes you through amazing terrain, passing the highest point of the mountains, Mount Livermore.

Less than an hour off Interstate 10, it's definitely worth the couple hours it takes to do the loop and check out Fort Davis.

On the Scenic Loop
the Davis Mts
the Davis Mts
people live in them thar hills
Mount Livermore, the Davis Mts' highest peak
a horse comes to say hello
looking out across the plains from the picnic site
Yucca plants dot the terrain throughout this part of Texas.
at the picnic spot on the loop
boulders above the picnic area
the scenic loop road
the picnic area
on the loop
Ft. Davis Courthouse
ft. davis building

Fort Davis, the town, was named after Jefferson Davis and sits amidst the Davis Mountains. The courthouse (above) and other buildings surrounding the town square, such as the bank (right) were built between 1913 and 1921.

Below is the First Presbyterian Church.

1st Presbyterian Church, Ft. Davis
a cowboy's residence
cliffs at the north edge of Fort Davis
a picnic site on the Scenic Loop
A cozy picnic site on the Davis Mountains Scenic Loop
along the Scenic Loop
yucca plant

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