the wandering chick
...Cadillac Ranch
don't blink!

What a hoot! No more than a blurb on the flat Texas prairie, only the whimsical-at-heart will appreciate this funky piece of art created in 1974 by members of Ant Farm.

The sculpture has been featured in many ads and documentaries over the years and is often mass painted to represent a cause or event.

Its most popular appearance, however, seems to be that of brightly-colored spray paint, coated by fans and passers-by.

Cadillac Ranch is located on the Interestate 40 just west of Amarillo, on the south side. Don't look for road signs or brochures. You won't find them.

Cadillac Ranch, as seen from the highway
Ten Cadillacs, buried head first, facing east.
Cadillac Ranch, the only sign
Cadillac Ranch
This is the view from the highway...and the unlocked gate that lets you in. This is the only sign you'll see.
Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch

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