the wandering chick
...the bay area
between Houston and Galveston

Outside the hustle and bustle of the greater Houston metro is an area filled with bays, bayous and natural habitats for waterfowl. It's the Bay Area between south Houston and Galveston County. The coastal towns of Kemah, Seabrook, El Lago and the huge Clear Lake make up this idealic area for boaters and fishermen...and people like me who simply enjoy life near the water.

Armand Bayou
a heron skims the water of Armand Bayou
A heron skims the water of Armand Bayou.
the trees of the Bay Area Park
Armand Bayou
mossy trees
Sturdy boardwalks extending over Armand Bayou give a closeup view of coastal wildlife. Though I didn't see any gators this day, there are plenty of signs warning of them.
ducks in water
mossy trees
more gentle waterfowl
black vulture
The area teems with black vultures which are harmless despite their mean and nasty appearance.
black vulture
black vultures in trees
windmill and black vultures
night heron in tree
I saw this heron high in a tree at the Seabrook Marina.

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palms along Todville Road, Seabrook

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Baytown bridge
The Fred Hartman Bridge crosses the Houston ship channel in Baytown, Texas, on the northwest side of the Galveston Bay.
a bird perches on a piling in Galveston Bay at Seabrook
The coastal town of Seabrook lies on Galveston Bay and is a wonderful area for spotting coastal waterfowl. Herons, spoonbills and white pelicans can all be seen regularly in this area. The next several pictures were taken along Todville Road which parallels a portion of Galveston Bay.
along the Pine Gully nature trail
A heron perches on a piling in Galveston Bay at Seabrook.
Along the Pine Gully nature trail, Galveston Bay can be seen in the background.
A spoonbill searches for food in a marsh on Pine Gully Road in Seabrook.
a pier jutting into Galveston Bay at Pine Gully Park, Seabrook
A fishing pier juts into Galveston Bay at Pine Gully Park in Seabrook.
an immature spoonbill
An immature spoonbill
two spoonbills in marsh
A heron waits patiently for his next snack, all the while watching me as I slowly raise my camera.
heron standing at marsh's edge
white pelicans on pier pilings in galveston bay
These pilings are witness to the destruction done to Seabrook by Hurricane Ike in 2008. The white pelicans, however, find them the perfect resting spot.
An egret sitting on a post
A snowy egret passes time on a post on Pine Gully Road in Seabrook.