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...Rhodes, Greece
archway to rhodes harbor
mandraki harbor column

Most of the next few pictures are of the beautiful Rhodes harbor, Mandraki.

It's a harbor rich in history and, even today, a grand entrance to the ancient island of Rhodes.

Just across from the harbor is one of seven entrances to the walled Old Town.

Rhodes Old Town fortress
fortress tower
mandraki harbor column
mandraki harbor column

The Old Town of the city Rhodes is completely walled, and within the fortifications is a wonderful maze of streets and alleys. The main square offers top-notch shopping, restaurants and people-watching.

Mandraki harbor
harbor windmills
The windmills at Mandraki harbor remain from medieval days when they were used to ground grain that arrived on merchants' ships.
Rhodes Old Town square
overview of Old Town Rhodes
one of the entrances to the walled Old Town
Old Town square
an overview of Old Town Rhodes
an overview of Old Town
a rock formation
Towers flank one of seven entrances to the walled Old Town Rhodes.
The location of this interesting rock formation is unknown, but it's of the many that jut into the cool azure waters of Rhodes .
Faliraki harbor chapel
Faliraki is a beach resort town on the east side of Rhodes. This chapel sits at the Faliraki harbor.
Lindos stairs
The Acropolis of Lindos towers above the town by the same name. It's located on the central east side of the island. The Acropolis offers stunning panoramas of the surrounding waters.
Acropolis Lindos
view of water from the Acropolis
a cliff at the Lindos Acropolis
Donkeys are available to transport tourists from Lindos town to the Acropolis.
donkeys await tourists

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st paul bay from lindos
view of surrounding water from lindos
lindos acropolis towers over village
The Lindos fortress towers over the village of the same name.