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...Cape Blanco
Oregon's most western point

The Cape Blanco headland is the western most point in Oregon. The lighthouse, also being the most westerly, sits majestically on top of the highest part of the headland.

Rich in history. the cape is also the location of the Hughest House. Patrick and Jane Hughes and their three sons owned a dairy farm and ranch there. When Patrick Hughes died in a horse accident in 1901, his three sons took over the dairy. His wife stayed on at the elegant Victorian home until 1923. Hughes' gravesite is located on the land that was owned by the family in what today is called Pioneer Cemetery.

The last of the Hughes descendents lived there until 1971 when it was acquired by the state of Oregon and became part of the Cape Blanco State Park.

On the north side of the cape is the Sixes River. A .5-mile trail follows the river to the point where it meets the ocean. There's also a nice view of the lighthouse as well as the Hughest house from the trail.

Also on the cape is a horse camp and a nicely wooded campground. A steep and heavily forested road leads from the campground to the beach on the south side.

lighthouse on hill
The Cape Blanco lighthouse, high and stately at the edge of the headland holds at least five records: It's Oregon's most westerly light; it's the most elevated, at 256 feet; it's also the oldest continually operated lighthouse. Oregon's first woman keeper Mabel Bretherton signed on in 1903; and it holds the record for longest service by a keeper: James Langlois who worked there for 42 years.
lighthouse on a cloudy day
The lighthouse began operation in December of 1870. It's consttucted of bricks that were made locally. Before the construction, the headland where the light sits was a forest of spruce trees.
The coastline looking south and the cape's beach
the beach in fog
coastline looking south and beach
This is Oregon's coast on a warm but foggy and gray summer day, I can't imagine how desolate it must look in the winter when a raging storm is coming through.
waves coming in to shore
beach road
The road to the Cape Blanco beach on the south side of the headland starts at the edge of the campground. Even on a sunny day, the road is darkened by a dense stand of trees lining the road.
road darkened by trees
road darkened by trees
road darkened by trees
road darkened by trees
the coastline looking north
Here, a more tranquil shoreline than the previous day
the cape blanco lighthouse
the cape blanco lighthouse
coastline looking north
The Cape Blanco lighthouse is charming from every angle.
the Victorian-style Hughes house
the Hughes house
The Hughes' house was built in 1898, located overlooking the Sixes River. Poor old Patrick lived there only three years before he was tragically killed.
seagull on driftwood along the Sixes River
the meeting of river and ocean
It's here on the north side of the headland that the Sixes River empties into the Pacific.
driftwood on river bank
view of the lighthouse from the river
grassland between the river and ocean
A view of the lighthouse from the Sixes River
view of the Sixes River where it meets the ocean
It's written that perhaps the Hughes picked the location of their land and home because it reminded them of their homeland, Ireland.
tombstone of Patrick Hughes
The tombstone of Patrick Hughes remains today in Pioneer Cemetery. At one time, a church the family had built was located on this section of their land.
Pioneer Cemetery with tall tombstones
wording on tombstone
The wording on his tombstone reads in part: Sacred to the memory of Patrick Hughes, born in County Tyrone, Ireland April 15, 1830, died June 28, 1901, aged 71 years; May his soul (rest?) in peace

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