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A lake outside Parry Sound
... Ontario, Canada

The region of Ontario between Toronto and Sault Ste. Marie is a wonderful stretch of highway with lots to explore. The stretch of Highway 69 around the Parry Sound area is called the cottages region because of the many cottage rentals there along the Georgian Bay. The area is great for fishing in the summer and skiing in the winter.

It is a very rocky and rugged area, and what I most found interesting about it was that on almost every summit of rock formation along the 50-mile or so stretch of highway was a cairn - all different shapes, all different sizes, each unique - built by ... who knows? Locals? Passers-by? Whomever it was, they added to the pleasure of the drive.

a cairn along Highway 69 north of Parry Sound
a lake outside Parry Sound off Highway 69
Whitefish Falls
Little Current on Manitoulin Island

Above: Whitefish Falls is a small river town on Highway 6 south of Espanola.

Below and Right: A charming little town just as you cross the swingbridge to Manitoulin Island on Highway 6 headed south is Little Current. Its swingbridge opens every 15 minutes for boats to pass between Georgian Bay and the North Channel which opens to Lake Huron.

in the small town of Little Current on Manitoulin Island
Little Current swingbridge
One of many lakes along the Highway 6 toward Manitoulin Island.
the swingbridge at Little Current
One of several lakes on Highway 6 toward Manitoulin Island
the swingbridge at Little Current
the swingbridge at Little Current

Another section of Ontario that is equally grand is what is called the Agawa Canyon, approx. 114 train miles north of Ste. Saint Marie.

It is deep in the heart of Canadian Algoma wilderness with lush green mountains, pristine lakes and protruding granite rock forms.

Below are a few pictures taken from the all-day train excursion.

the swingbridge at Little Current
forests at Achigan Lake
Trees at Achigan Lake
Mongoose Lake
The Montreal River passes under an unseen tressel
The Algoma Train Line that got us there
Agawa Canyon
Agawa Canyon
Otter Creek Falls

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