the wandering chick
...the Hoover Dam bridge
and the Lake Mead marina
Looking at Hoover Dam from the back
the arch bridge, highway 93
The completed Highway 93, "the bypass bridge," is seen here. Hoover Dam is visible from a pedestrian walkway across the bridge (below).
plaza to the pedestrian walkway
hoover dam
A pedestrian walkway was built so that the public could get a bird's eye view of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead behind it. At the base of the steps and ramp that takes you up to the bridge is this plaza in memorium to Mike O'Callaghan and Pat Tillman. Mike O'Callaghan was a Korean War veteran and former governor of Nevada. Pat Tillman was an Arizona football player killed in Afghanistan.
lake mead marina
lake mead marina
fish, lake mead marina
The Lake Mead marina, near Boulder City and Hoover Dam
fish, lake mead marina
The fish around the pier leading to the marina stay close to the water's surface in nopes of some free hand-outs.
fish, lake mead marina
fish, lake mead marina
fish, lake mead marina
fish, lake mead marina
fish, lake mead marina
fish, lake mead marina
This choir must be singing " lips are only for you."
the Lake Mead RV Village
Redhead duck
There are also several species of ducks in the water at the marina, including this Redhead. To the left is a goose whose name I'm not able to find. If anyone knows what it's called, please e-mail me.
unnamed goose

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The Lake Mead National Recreation Area RV Village with front-row views of the lake

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