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the Gateway Arch

It was a detour worth my time. I had left my sister's in St. Paul and was headed home to Texas in early November, but was experiencing road fever. Had not been to St. Louis and had always wanted to see the Gateway Arch, so off I went, just a couple hundred miles out of my way.

Didn't spend but a day there, taking my self-made walking tour of the downtown and river areas. From every angle the arch was impressive and looming, but only when you got right up under it at its base do you realize how massive it really is.

The arch stands 630 feet high,and interestingly, the distance between the legs of the arch on the ground is also 630 feet.
a section of the Gateway Arch at an angle from the bottom
reflection of the arch in the reflecting pool
a section of the Gateway Arch at an angle from the bottom
The Gateway Arch is the centerpiece of a 91-acre park called the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. It's a tribute to Jefferson and other pioneers who had a vision of westward expansion.
View looking west over downtown St Louis
a section of the Gateway Arch at an angle from the bottom
This is the view from the top looking west into the state of Missouri and downtown St. Louis. On a clear day, one can see up to 30 feet into the distance.
view of the arch from the ground
looking west at downtown st louis from the top
the Gateway Arch grounds and reflecting pool
St Louis' Soldiers Memorial
Even though the fall leaves had long reached their peak, it was pretty in St Louis on this brisk, sunny day in early November. A part of the arch grounds includes this reflecting pool.
the Gateway Arch
Firefighters Memorial
St. Louis' Soldiers Memorial (pictured here) and the Firefighters Memorial (below) are impressive tributes located in the downtown area.
City Hall building
This is St. Louis' massive City Hall.
Firefighters Memorial
a rather modern high-rise parking garage
The facade of this high-rise public parking garage kinda struck my fancy.
Ozzie Smith statue outside Bush Stadium
Exterior of Bush Stadium
Bush Stadium (right) is where the St. Louis Cardinals hang their baseball caps. Outside the stadium is a group of statues of Cardinal greats such as this one of shortstop Ozzie Smith, the Wizard.
The arch and this year's Christmas tree
The arch, the Courthouse Building and this year's not yet decorated Christmas tree can be enjoyed from Kiener Plaza. I'm sorry this popular city park wasn't up to its typical splendor this day. The fountain was evidently tapped off for the winter. Kiener Plaza is named for Harry J. Kiener, a St. Louis-born athlete who competed in the 1904 Olympics held in St. Louis.
The Gateway Arch
A couple of parting shots of the Gateway Arch as the sun makes its daily farewell
The Gateway Arch
The Old Courthouse building

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The stately Old Courthouse building sits directly across from the arch.
An Iowa rain cloud
An Iowa rain cloud
Just before crossing into Missouri, I caught this scariest of all thunderstorm clouds in Iowa. Yikes! Good riddance, Iowa!