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Off Highway 19

Dear God, thank you for balmy, sunny places and sandy beaches with palm trees and seashells. Now, can you please create a WARM snow? One that doesn't bite us in the a....(Sorry). You've got its beauty down pat, but you just gotta raise the freakin' (sorry) temps a bit. Amen.

Truly, why does it have to be so dang frigid? Unfortunately, this warm-blooded, heat-lovin' beach bumb at heart finds that the prettiest season in Minnesota is, indeed, the winter, when the snow fields extend as far as the eye can see, and the stark blue sky creates the perfect backdrop.

So, I bundle up best I can, take a few pictures, then run back inside to the warmth and coziness of my sister's house, drying my eyes, blowing my nose and cursing the bitter cold.

Here are a few pictures taken the last couple of Christmases off of Route 19, just south of the Twin Cities.

a mn barn
christmas mn08
sun dogs in mn
sun dogs
Above and Left: Sun dogs, also called mock suns, are an atmospheric phenomenon in which ice crystals form a replica of the sun, usually to the left or the right, or as in this case, on both sides. Sun dogs can be seen at any time of year and in any season.
typical MN barn in winter
a walk in the woods
winter09 in mn
a cozy birdhouse
tx boy shoveling snow
This ol' boy, my brother, despite his south Texas beach-lovin' roots, does his share of snow removal.
off route 19 south of the cities
fields of snow

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winter scene out the window
Outside my sister's kitchen window on a cold March afternoon
the st croix river
At the River Bend Nature Center in Faribault is a nice hiking trail along the St. Croix River. The next several shots were taken from there.
River Bend Nature Center, Fairbault
River Bend Nature Center, Fairbault
frozen waterfall
River Bend Nature Center, Fairbault
River Bend Nature Center, Fairbault
south of the cities
River Bend Nature Center, Fairbault
south of the cities
south of the cities

It doesn't always snow in Minnesota. To see some summer shots, please return to the Minnesota home page.


A drive in the countryside of Rice County, south of the cities, offers serene views of a typical Minnesota winter.