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... Upper Lake Michigan
Farm on Old Mission Peninsula

The Old Mission Peninsula is a tiny strip of land rich in soil perfect for farming cherry orchards and vineyards. It's less than 20 miles long and hardly two miles wide. It heads northeast out of Traverse City and divides the lower Grand Traverse Bay into the West arm and the East arm.

At the northern tip is a lighthouse, just north of the town of Old Mission which has at least a church and a general store.

It's a delightful drive, and even though you feel you're miles from the sandy coastline, you can bet the water is only a stone's throw away.

The next several pictures were taken on the Old Mission Peninsula.

close up of vineyards on OMP
vineyards with West Grand Traverse Bay in background
An pleasant back road on the OMP
Old Mission's General Store
Old rotary telephone
Anybody remember these?
Old Mission Lighthouse
Tourists visit the Old Mission Lighthouse grounds
Herston Beach pier over East Traverse Bay
Tide's out at Grand Traverse Bay
On a back road on the Old Missioni Peninsula
A bak road on the OMP

The Point Betsie Lighthouse stands guard on Lake Michigan just south of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It was built in 1858 and has a range of 27.5 miles. It's had 106 keepers until it was automated in 1983.

According to its website, it is the second most photographed lighthouse in the U.S.

Below are pictures of the lighthouse and the surround area which I found just as intriguing as the fog started to roll in.

Point Betsie Lighthouse
Pt. Betsie Lighthouse
Point Betsie beach as the fog rolls in
residential near the Pt. Betsie lighthouse
foggy dunes at Pt. Betsie lighthouse
Frankfort harbor on Lake Betsy
Just south of Point Betsie is the charming little town of Frankfort. It's a beach town on Lake Michigan with, of course, its own lighthouse. The lighthouse guides ships into the harbor of Betsie Lake, in and of itself, a wonderful area to stroll.
The Frankfort harbor on Betsie Lake
Betsie Lake in Frankfort
Frankfort's Betsie Lake
The fog is starting to roll in on Frankfort's charming harbor on Betsie Lake.
The Frankfort Lighthouse
Fog coming into shore at Frankfort
From the lighthouse jetty to Frankfort's shore
the Frankfort Lighthouse
Seagulls on Frankfort's beach
the Frankfort lighthouse
My Yaris
OK, this is totally off the subject and maybe a little out of line, but I had to get this image of my little Toyota Yaris (a.k.a. The Roller Skate, as my sister calls it) . It's sitting at the Frankfort beach looking out over the gleeming Lake Michigan.
Frankfort Welcome sign

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tunnel of trees

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Tunnel of Trees
tunnel of trees

Michigan's Tunnel of Trees Scenic Drive is located on the upper end of Lake Michigan, just north of Petosky.

Two small towns mark the beginning and the end: Cross Village at the north end and Harbor Springs at the south end.

It's a 20-mile drive of curves and bends, and because the trees are mostly maples and oaks, it's said that sightseers come from all over in the fall to witness the beauty. Having seen it in the summer, I can only imagine how spectacular it must be.

Lake Michigan through the trees
poppies grow wild and in many of the gardens in this area
tunnel of trees
overview of Harbor Springs
Harbor Springs
Victorian homes line Beach Road across from Lake Michigan in Harbor Springs
Harbor Springs is the larger of the two towns and is quite charming, mostly because of the harbor and small downtown section. And it has its fair share of spacious Victorian homes with expansive lawns that spread toward Lake Michigan.
Harbor Springs harbor
a flower garden on Beach Road
Legs Inn
The Legs Inn
The Legs Inn, which is really a bar and restaurant with an outside garden, is located in Cross Village. Its inside decor truly is worth a stop and look-see. The totem pole below is (obviously) outside.
totem pole at The Legs Inn