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autumn walk
Buren rainbow
Büren, Germany
An autumn stroll in Germany
old wagon
country road, Vilseck
felsenmeer, germany
german forest
The Vils River, Vilseck, Germany
Maria Gern, by Bertchesgaden, Germany

Above: Maria Gern, a small village in the foot of the German Alps, near Berchtesgaden, Germany

Left: The Vils River, in Vilseck, Bavaria, Germany

Below, right: The Danube River in Germany

on the Danube
the perfect tree, Buren, Germany
tulip sunset
the nestled church
family with stroller at the pond
winter sunet
Queretaro, Mexico arches
purple door

Left: Heidelberg, Germany

Right: Queretaro, Mexico

Heidelberg tower bridge
the leaning tower of pisa
Cologne dom
Turgagain Arm, Alaska

Above left: the Leaning Tower of Pisa at night

Above middle: the Cologne Cathedral, Germany

Above right: The beach promenade, Benidorm, Spain

Benidorm, Spain promenade on beach
frosted wheat
German winter
leaving Vilseck
man in boat
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of the most preserved walled towns in Germany.
seagull flies from post
seagulls on fence, Outer Banks
Reticulated giraffes, East Africa
Rothenburg wall
Bamberg, Germany
Rothenburg (above) and Bamberg (above,right), both in Germany's state of Bavaria, date back to the 900s. Both cities are extremely well-preseved.
Heidelberg Castle wall ruins
and there was light
a Swiss village
bus stop
farmhouse in summer, Buren

Above: A village in eastern Switzerland

Right: If they're waiting for a bus, it may be a rather long wait.

same farmhouse in winter, Buren
This farmhouse, in summer and then in winter, is outside Büren, Germany.
view outside my window in Vilseck, Germany
An Alpine village
In for the winter, Buren
my first winter in Vilseck
berry cold
soaring above the Alps
seagulls flying, caught by sunray
eatern bluebird
The Alps

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An Eastern Bluebird, this one in Dale City, Virginia

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