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...Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is touted as America's only mountain zoo. Hmmmm. The only difference I noticed between this one and a non-mountain zoo is that everything is uphill. It's a huge park, and there are no exit signs. But as long as you're heading down, then you're pretty much walking toward the exit.

This zoo has the largest herd of giraffes of any zoo I've been in. The elephant exhibit was closed while I visited because they're enlarging it. But the show the grizzly bears put on for us made up for the lack of elephants.

Just one thing, dear staff: Can't you find a way to wash the viewing windows in the park...and in some cases replace them? It's not so bad viewing, I guess, but they made taking pictures a real pain.

Your admission ticket also includes a trip (in your own car) up to the Will Rogers Shrine, 1.25 miles up the mountain. Too bad I didn't know that until after I left the park.

And, for an additional charge, you can ride the Mountaineer Sky Ride, a chair lift that offers nice views of the surrounding mountains and of Colorado Springs. I didn't do the reminded me too much of my skiing days.

Giraffe's eye
Colorado Springs
CMZ's giraffes are the reticulated (as opposed to the Masai).
Red River Hog
The red river hog, from Africa
red river hog
East African Crowned Crane
The East African Crowned Crane
grizzly bear
the Australian Wallaby
The Grizzly bear - Dang! He was big!!
the grizzly bear
A wallaby
the grizzly bear
the grizzly bear
the grizzly bear
the grizzly bear
This was a little disturbing to me. The grizzly could clearly see the kids through the glass, and he kept swiping his huge paws at them. I was afraid I'd be witnessing one of those freak accidents where the animal breaks through the glass and eats a kid.
the grizzly bear
Sorry for the water spots. As I said, the park needs to clean its windows. But I guess if these two monsters were on the otherside, I wouldn't want to clean them either!
mountain lion
mountain lion
an emu
the mountain lion
An emu
fish in a pond
Fish in a pond
snow leapord
A snow leapord
snow leapord

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the paws of a snow leapord

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