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Ouray is a charming little town with several blocks of shopping and restaurants. It's good for a nice stroll. There are plenty of hotels as well, including the well-known Beaumont.

Overlooking Ouray from the Highway 550
The Ouray 'skyline.'
the Historic Western Hotel
the historic Western Hotel
the town library
Main Street
Main Street
Main Street Ouray
The Beaumont Hotel
surrounding hillside
Cascade Fall
The Lower Cascade Falls is an easy visit while in Ouray. It's the last of seven falls that start high in the red cliffs above Ouray carrying snowmelt down to nearly the city level. It's a short but steep climb to the base of the fall.
The Beaumont Hotel was completed in 1887 and was perhaps the finest in western Colorado. In later years, it fell on hard times due to a lack of tourism and closed its doors in 1964. For 34 years it sat empty and in disrepair, nearly doomed for condemnation. In 1998 it was sold and refurbished...updating and expanding the guest rooms inside. Today, there are only 12 guests room in the whole hotel. It remains the only luxury hotel in Ouray.
baby big horn sheep
Beautiful hillsides tower over the town.
baby big horn sheep
A young big horn sheep came out of the trees as we were passing by in the car.
box canon falls
Box Canon Falls

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Water comes plummeting over the rock at Box Canon Falls, spilling thousands of gallons in a minute's time. The roaring thunder of the fall can be heard well before it's seen.

It's also a bird sanctuary with many different species building homes with the cracks and crevices of the dark canyon.

The town of Ouray is proud of its little wonder of the world. It's worth a visit.

A B&B. Sadly, it's for sale.