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...Victoria, B.C.
sitting proudly on Vancouver Island's most southern tip

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, is a wonderful walking city, whether strolling past the shops of the downtown section, around the harbor, along the coast or through a park.

A town reachable only by boat or plane, the ferry business seems constant in the city's most energetic and lively area: the Inner Harbor. More than just the port of entry for visitors and residents, it's the hub of the city, a wonderful people-watching spot with a scattering of street musicians and artists - and the perfect location for watching the night lights emerge on the ivy-coated Empress Hotel and the multi-domed Parliament Building after the sun bids its final good-night.

Parliament Building
Parliament at night
The seat of British Columbia's government, the Parliament Building. At night, it's illuminated with white lights as shown below left.
the empress hotel
the empress hotel
The classiest hotel in town, the Empress
the trees in front of the empress hotel
We shall assume the haunting trees outside are no indication of what might await one on the inside.
mime at the harbor
Myriad entertainers, such as this Annie Oakley-type mime, await the passers-by at Victoria's bustling Inner Harbor.
One of the 'prettier' buildings in Victoria

Above: Once used by government officials, this building, which sits picturesquely on the waterfront, is now used as law offices.

Right and Below: Bastion Square was the hub of old Victoria and now houses the Maritime Museum of British Columbia. The art is a public art piece installed to spruce up the area. The canoe, long a symbol of Canada, is surrounded by reeds topped with seedpods.

Bastion Square
bastion square
the Inner Harbor from West Peninsula
Victoria's skyline
A short walk across the Johnson Street Brdige will take you to Victoria's West Peninsula. From there, a nice view of Victoria's skyline can be seen as well as her Inner Harbor.
Victoria's Inner Harbor
West Peninsula landscape
Nicely landscaped yards with an abundance of flowers can be found around every corner in Victoria.
the Inner Harbor
The Inner Harbor in the daylight, and (below) at night.
the blue fox cafe
Inner Harbor at nite
One of the most fun places to eat is the Blue Fox Café on Ford Street. It's small but very popular, so prepare to 'queue up.'
Floathome Village
We call them houseboats, but in Victoria they're called floathomes. And there's a whole village of 'em on the Fisherman's Wharf. We spent a couple hours there walking the 'floating streets' and trying to peer inside the homes, allowing ourselves dreams of living life on the water. The next few pictures, including the harbor seal, a local inhabitant, were taken in the Floathome Village.
Floathome Village
Floathome Village
Floathome Village
harbor seal
Floathome Village
Floathome Village
Beacon Hill Park
Beacon Hill is the crown jewel of Victoria's parks, flowing with both natural and man-made landscapes. Paved walkways will take you from the more unruly section of wildnerness and ancient boulders to the serenity of immaculate gardens and calming ponds, nicely landscaped, some by man and some by nature. It has a diversity of trees, such as the one above and also includes a 127-foot First Nations totem pole.
Beacon Hill Park
Beacon Hill Park
Beacon Hill Park
An American Wigeon
peacock in Beacon Hill Park
peacock in Beacon Hill Park
totem pole Beacon Hill Park
totem pole in Beacon Hill Park
The Dallas Road beach walk
Being on an island, Victoria is not without her own caostal beaches. The Dallas Road beach walk on the south end of the city is a wonderful place to stroll, both on the paved walkway and along the rocks below.
Oak Bay
Dallas Road beach walk
The small community of Oak Bay, just a short drive from Victoria, offers views of its own peaceful harbor and a change of scenery or chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
Oak Bay
Oak Bay
Oak Bay
Oak Bay
As calming as the quiet harbor, Oak Bay's homes and gardens are just as soothing to the eye, on streets lined with graceful old trees such as these.
Trial Island Lightstation

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From onboard the Victoria Clipper that transports passengers from Seattle, you get a glimpse of the Trial Island Lightstation, built in 1906 and now run by the Canadian Coast Guard. Trial Island lies off the southeast tip of Vancouver Island.

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