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...Three little towns

Cambria, Harmony and Cayucos are inviting little towns, each with its own personality. They're located along the Highway One between Morro Bay and San Simeon.

Cambria scarecrow festival
on the coastal highway
During the whole month of October, Cambria held its annual Scarecrow Festival. Throughout the fun and whimsical town, you could find paper-maché "scarecrows," each based upon the business: a church had the choir (above); a restaurant had a chef, etc. Lots of restaurants, lots of shops, Cambria lies just south of San Simeon.
Cambria Scarecrow Festival
Cambria storefront
The Leffingwell Landing is just outside Cambria. It's a part of the San Simeon State Park and offers spectacular views of the coast. More pictures of Leffingwell Landing can be found on the San Simeon page.
Leffingwell Landing, Cambria
Leffingwell Landing State Park
The small town of Harmony is on the inland side of Highway One. Its claim to fame seems to be a population of only 18 people. If that's accurate, they're very busy people. The town holds active pottery and glass-blowing businesses, bringing in a number of curious tourists and tour buses, but overall the town seems to be on a decline. A winery is contributing to its welfare, but is barely enough to keep the town alive. There are no restaurants or public toilets in the town that runs just a little over a block long.

Harmony, in the late 1800s, was a dairy settlement. Feuds and rivalries over the years between owners and ranchers were rampid. Finally, in 1907, a truce was agreed upon and all agreed to live in Harmony.

The cross in the photo above marks the death of Fred, a local feline.

Harmony wedding chapel
For those interested in being "married in harmony," a wedding chapel.
Harmony wedding chapel
A small courtyard in Harmony brought in a couple of local artists who found beauty in the simplest of things, such as this old door. .
Part of the walking path in Harmony's courtyard
Morro Rock from Cayucos
Cayucos is a small coastal town of less than 5000 population. Its beach includes a pier and a nice view of Morro Rock, six miles to the south. Morro Rock, located in Morro Bay, is 576 feet high and a landmark of Morro Bay.
Cayucos beach
Morro Rock from Cayucos
Cayucos beach
coastline at Cayucos
Cayucos beach
The coastline at Cayucos, looking north

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