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San Diego is certainly not short of beautiful scenery, but La Jolla, in my opinion, is the cream of the crop.

I spent five days in San Diego and headed to La Jolla on the first day. I found a parking spot near the Children's Pool, so started my trek from there, ending up at the Scripps Institute, to the north. Forget the shops and the was the coastline I was interested in.

With a walking path that meanders forever, paralleling the shore, there's the lucious green Scripps Park on one side and stunning views of the Pacific and the rocky coast on the other, a coast that includes abundant wildlife such as harbor seals, pelicans, cormorants and the ever-present gulls.

Even on a warm November day, La Jolla was teeming with vistors and locals, all who know a good thing when they see it.

the coastal walk
San Diego's glimmering jewel
La Jolla coastline
The Children's Pool, La Jolla coastline
La Jolla's coastline looking south
La Jolla cove near Children's Pool
coastline park, La Jolla
Next to the Children's Pool is a small cozy beach
the Children's Pool, La Jolla
The Children's Pool (above and below) is a protected area for female and young harbor seals. Originally intended for human children, it's an ongoing local controversy as to whom should be allowed use.
harbor seals
harbor seal on the rocks
La Jolla coastline
La Jolla coastline
Call it just a rock if you want, but I see a giant frog's head.
Seals, pelicans, gulls and cormorants all share the rocks and sea breeze along this portion of the coast.
pelicans on rocks
pelican in flight
pelican in flight
palms in park
La Jolla coastline
La Jolla coastline
Another La Jolla shores attraction is the group of seven sea caves, accessible from the water only. These caves have been sculpted over the years from the 75-million-year-old sandstone sea cliff. The one above is the only one visible from land.
La Jolla Cove is yet another popular area of the La Jolla shoreline, espcially to snorklers and divers, as it is a part of the vast Underwater Park that lies just off shore. The Underwater Park has a rocky slope that extends outward toward the sea and includes a couple of reefs that keep the waves minimal and a couple of canyons that attract the sea life. It is called a paradise for underwater enthusiasts.
a happy cormorant in a tree
the ocean
wooden bridge along the coastal walk
kayaks on the beach for rent
A wooden bridge spans a small chasm along La Jolla coastal walk. Below is one of many beautiful homes that line a portion of the walk.
a flock of sandpipers
private resident along the coastal walk
It's a hoot watching the sandpipers run their little legs just short of the waver's advance, then, in unison, turn and chase it out, picking up food that the water brought in.
a lookout hut along the coastal walk, looking south
a flock of sandpipers
the Scripps Pier
Lookout huts extend out at the points for views of the sandstone cliffs.
La Jolla is home to the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, known worldwide as the leader in ocean and earth science research and education.  This is the Scripps Pier, not open to the public. Below is a picture of the Scripps pier pilings.
waves with La Jolla town in background

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pilings of the Scripps pier