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...Superstition Mountain

A friend and I went searching for a hike that might include some wildflowers on this particularly warm, sunny day and thought Superstition Mountain might be a likely place to find them. We headed to the Lost Dutchman State Park.

We discovered it's a little early yet for the wildflowers, though we did happen upon small patches of Mexican Poppy and Lupine here and there. The lack of flowers was of little disappointment. The hike along Jacob's Crosscut and up the Treasure Loop was just the level and length we were hoping for. The views in all directions were stunning, even without the flowers.

superstition mtn
Superstition Mtn
Praying Hands
The rock formation called Praying Hands, part of the Superstition Mountain
the Treasure Loop Trail
The trail
Superstition Mtn
View from the trail
The views with your back to Superstition Mountain are as stunning as the "Sup" itself.
vista from the trail
the vista from the trail
The trail
vista from the trail
Mexican poppies
along the trail
view from along the trail
Brittle Bush
We saw lots of Brittlebush with its daisy-like flowers in full bloom. Brittlebush is in the sunflower family.
view along the trail
superstition mtn with wildflowers
the trail
globe mallow
Superstition Mtn
Superstition Mtn
hiking trail
The Jacob's Crosscut and the Treasure Loop trails go no higher than the foot of the Superstition Mountain.

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