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parking lot sign

Oatman is nestled somewhere in the hills just west of Kingman. Its atmosphere is a pleasant, fun combination comprising a little bit of biker, a little bit of cowboy, a little bit of tourist, a lotta dust, and buildings older than dirt

Its burro population may be higher than its people population, but that's what's it's known for....the sweet, perfectly tamed donkeys that roam the streets and block cars trying to get through on the only street in town and gently beg for carrots.

It's an experience you should encounter if only for an hour or so. You can take a 10-mile dirt road in from the north, or take the old Route 66 highway from the south.

post office
old building
old building
old building
old door
carrots sign
old building
burros in street
old building
burros in road
baby burro
baby burro
don't feed 'em carrots sign
street front with donkey
burro in road
burro on sidewalk
honeymoon suite of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard
burro in doorway
Oatman Hotel
burro blocking cars
burro in doorway
best little ore house
old building

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