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some nice strolls around the town's center of attraction
Fountain Park

It's hard to beat the sight of the snowy-white water of the Fountain Hills fountain against the dark blue sky on a bright, sunny day. The mountains create an unbeatable backdrop for this upscale and friendly community.

The fountain has three pumps that can jet water into the air 560 feet high. That makes it one of the highest in the world, and was THE highest when it was built in 1970, putting it in the Guinness Book of World Records. On normal days, the third pump is used as a back up, and only two pumps operate, so normally when you see the fountain, it's reaching a height of 330 feet. The man-made lake is 28 acres of reclaimed water, used not only for the fountain, but also to irrigate the park which surrounds it.

Even without the fountain gushing, Fountain Park and its 28-acre lake are captivating.
Fountain Park
the fountain
Fountain Park
Fountain Park
Fountain Park
A paved path marks the border of Fountain Park and allows a leisure stroll completely around the lake. You'll see several statues, the glorious backdrop of the town and a veterans memorial. There are also picnic tables and a kiddy park.
veterans memorial
Fountain Park
fountain and vet
turtoise statue
Meet George the Tortoise, a donation to the town of Fountain Hills.
Abe Lincoln
statue, Teddy Roosevelt
A life-size images of Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt (left) make the stroll around the Fountain Hills lake even more interesting.
spring in fountain hills
frisbee bag
the fountain
the fountain
Fountain Park is also a disc golf course. The guy who owns this bag was pretty serious about the game. I thought a frisbee was a frisbee, but they come in an array of sizes and thicknesses, for speed, control and accuracy. As in 'real' golf, some frisbees, called discs, are drivers, some are mid-range and some are putters.
downtown shops
Fountain Hills shops.

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mourning dove
Lakeview Trail
A mourning dove rests at the entry to a Fountain Hills walking trail.
In addition to the paved path around Fountain Park there is a hiking trail called Lake Overlook Trail that starts and ends on Panorama Blvd, on the north side of Fountain Park. An easy mile-and-a-half trail meanders through a nice residential offering a view of the fountain almost the whole way. Benches are provided if needed, and a strategically-placed one allows hikers, if the timing is right, to sit and enjoy the fountain jet. The view above and below were taken from the trail.
Four Peaks
An unobstructed view of Four Peaks from Fountain Hills Lake Overlook Trail.
bird in saguaro
gila woodpecker in saguaro
Above and Left: A gila woodpecker builds a nest in a saguaro on the Holiday Inn grounds.