the wandering chick
and Texas Canyon
joshua tree in field behind barbed wire

For the last few years I've traveled the I-10 from Phoenix, past Tucson into New Mexico on my route home to Texas. Then I return the same way a couple months later.

The first year I did this trip, I was enthralled with the Texas Canyon, an area no more than a mile long filled on both sides of the highway with massive granite boulders. It's located in Arizona, fairly close to the New Mexico border.

Lucky for those who might be interested in seeing the area up close, there's a nice rest stop there and short trails along the face of the rocks. So, on this first encounter, I got out with camera in hand and started shooting away.

The next couple of years I passed through with a somewhat subdued interest. This last year, however, there was a small dusting of snow between the boulders, and it caught my eye. I got out and walked in each direction, especially noticing the snow-dusted Dragoon Mountains in the distance.

Upon leaving the rest stop, I saw a road sign to Dragoon, three miles that-a-way. I had the time, so drove into the town that less than 300 people call home. There wasn't a whole lot going on, but it was photogenic in its own right with lots of Joshua trees along the road side and the mountains in the distance ahead. I came across a couple of ranches, a post office and a very either friendly or starving black cat. Took a few pictures and left, satisfied that I had checked it out.

Here are some pictures I took, not only in Texas Canyon and Dragoon, but there are a couple of shots of the mountains along the I-10 near the New Mexico-Arizona border.

Although they're always recognizable, Joshua Trees comes in all shapes and sizes.
Joshua tree
snow dust on mountains in distance, taken from Interstate 10 near the New Mexico-Arizona border
snow dust on the mountains in the distance, taken from Interstate 10 near the New Mexico-Arizona border
boulders of Texas Canyon
the boulers of Texas Canyon
These and the ones in the picture to the right are some of the smaller boulders of Texas Canyon. The snow-dusted mountains in the background make a pleasant backdrop.
Texas canyon
Texas Canyon with mountains in background
landscape along the I-10 near the Az-NM border
boulders of Texas Canyon
Texas Canyon
Texas Canyon
the narrow winding road into Dragoon
The narrow, winding road into Dragoon
joshua trees along the road to Dragoon
ranch in Dragoon

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horse trainer with horse  on her ranch

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A horse trainer and her horse on their ranch in Dragoon