the wandering chick
...the Boyce Thompson Arboretum
purple prickly pear
a desert botanical garden
golden barrel cactus
varioius desert plants
spring in the arboretum
Golden barrel cactus
in the Demonstration Garden
Purple prickly pear is always a 'crowd pleaser.'
a new leaf on a prickly pear
various plants in the cacti garden
Montrose Totem Pole cactus
in the Demonstration Garden

Above is the Montrose Totem Pole Cactus.

The middle photo is of a Mexican Redbud that has not quite blossomed, but you can see it in full bloom in the photo on the far right.

Montrose Totem Pole cactus
A close up of the Montrose Totem Pole cactus appears to be columns of faces, each with its own expression.
golden barrel cactus
Ayer Lake
Ayer Lake
Silver Torch cactus
on the Main Trail
closeup of a cholla after a rain
one of the trail in the arboretum
globe mallow off the road of Highway 60
Globe mallow is the first sign of spring and can be seen along the highways in the Sonoran Desert.

The Boyce Thompson Arboretum is an Arizona state park with 300+ acres of botanical gardens. It includes two miles of walking trails and offers educational opportunities for children of all ages. It is Arizona's largest and oldest botanical garden.

It's located a little more than 50 miles on the east side of Phoenix on Route 60.

Plan on spending a few hours, but note that their summer hours start early in the day and end early (6am to 3pm).

in the Demonstration Garden
Mexican Redbud
the hillside
the hillside
Though there are only about three miles of hiking paths in the arboretum, you may feel you're much farther away as you stroll into a small canyon and along the Queen Creek up against the Saguaro-dotted Magma Ridge.
Magma Ridge
suspension bridge over Queen Creek
in the Eucalyptus Forest

Above: A suspension bridge spans the Queen Creek along the Magma Ridge Trail.

Right: A Eucalyptus Forest can be explored in the Australia section of the aboretum.

Queen Creek
blooms of a Flat-flowered Aloe
Flat-flowered Aloe
Above and Right: one of several species of Aloe.

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cactus needles
cactus needles
cactus bloom
Boojum tree
The Boojum tree is in the Ocotillo family and is not a cactus.
red-flowered cactus
totem pole cactus
One of my favorites, the totem pole cactus
the colonel's house and bridge
colonel's house, the Picketpost
This is the home of William Boyce Thompson who established the arboretum in the mid-1920s. His goal was to promote human appreciation and knowledge of all things botanical. His Picketpost home was built so that HE could appreciate all things botanical.
Highland Trail
The High Trail can be reached by crossing over the bridge. It runs parallel to the Main Trail, and stays at the foot of the Picket Post Mountain. Any climbing that need be done is by way of steps.
Australian section
A small section of the arboretum near the Eucalyptus forest features an Australian farm scene. It's quite enjoyable.
Australian section
Australian section
barrel cactus
teddy bear cholla
cactus garden
barrel cactus