bald eagle sits on post
the wandering chick
Mt McKinley
(betcha can't go just once)
Sitka forest tree
moose's rump among trees

Above right: Mt. McKinley (aka Denali) on a rare clear day

Left: An American bald eagle perches above the small-boat harbor at Seward.

Above: Our train following the sunset at Turnagain Arm, headed to Anchorage

Above, right: A fireboat spray water into Valdez harbor

sunset from the train at Turnagain Arm
Valdez small-boat harbor
town of Seward

Above: We never saw the head of this moose. Only its big 'ol honkin' rump.

Right: Sunset from the train at Turnagain Arm

Below, left: Valdez' small-boat harbor

Below, right: The lovely harbor town of Seward

totem pole, Sitka
rock formation in water

Above: Totem hole? Sitka National Historic Park

Right: Rock formations, Resurrection Bay, Kenai Fjords National Park

an immature eagle docks itself on a boat
cruise ship in fog

Above: One of may liners cruising the waters of Alaska

Left: This immature bald eagle is banned, so he must be a new regular around the Crescent Harbor in Sitka.

Mountains reflection in lake with snow
iceberg crumbles into water

Above: Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park

Left: Aialik Bay, Kenai Fjords Natl. Park;

ferry in Valdez bay
group of otters drift on backs near our boat

Above: A ferry transports passengers in Valdez harbor

Right: Otters frolick in Prince William Sound, Valdez

fireboat in Valdez bay
our train at sunset, Turnagain Arm
balls of bergies in water
One potato, two potato....

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