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When it comes to taking pictures, my motto is this:

Always look behind you.

The scene there may be as magnificent as the one ahead.

Welcome to my picture collection.

Most of my adult life has been spent with camera in tow, always with one eye on the road and the other looking out for the perfect shot.

It never takes long to find.

The graceful weeping willow, the orange sunset, the crashing waves. The joy of capturing such serenity, such quiet beauty always gets my heart pumping and my soul singing.

A novice, yes. But I doubt few pros feel more adrenaline flow than I each time the shutter is released.

Whether traveling with family and friends, or wandering alone down the highways and byways, the beauty is only surpassed by the thrill of finding it.

A collection of photo favorites
The memorial to the victims of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon was a sobering experience. See more pictures of the Pentagon Memorial.


grafton notch sp, maine
On one particular day in Galveston, I went on a hunt for the sandhill cranes that migrate to Galveston for the winter. I didn't find any, but found other things to aim the camera at. They've been added to the bottom of the now-very-very-long Galveston page, so if you have the wherewithall, scroll on down to the bottom.You'll find more pictures of this seagrass, some interesting kites on East Beach and, of course, more shorebirds that I just can't resist taking photos of.
Outside of the quaint charm of Martha's Vineyard, these colorful clay cliffs are a true highlight of the whole island. Go to Martha's Vineyard to see more.


tall seagrass
sandhill cranes in field
I've recently noticed that my Galveston page is filling up with lots of bird pictures. We are a birder's paradise in the fall and winter months, and I'm always on the lookout for them. So, I have decided to dedicate a page to just images of the birds that I am finding in and around Galveston. The page will be called Texas shorebirds, and here is a link to it. Above, a pair of sandhill cranes fly over Galveston's west end. (For my own convenience, I'm leaving on the Galveston page some recent spoonbill pictures I posted, but all future bird images will be on the Texas shorebirds page.)


Traveling the main highway through Grafton Notch State Park, in Maine near the New Hampshire border
Great blue heron on Roosevelt Lake
A great blue heron on Roosevelt Lake, Arizona
I'm always thrilled to see Roseate Spoonbills in my neighborhood in Galveston County. When the tide is low, one can usuallly be sure of seeing them. Here's some more shots of Galveston and the spoonbills.
pentagon memorial


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prairie and mtns
Waterton Lakes National Park, the Canadian version of Glacier Natl Park, turned out to be everything I had expected. See more of this area where foothills don't exist. It's prairie to mountain, right on.
spoonbill in flight
The Highlands Lighthouse in N. Truro on Cape Cod is only one of the many, many spectacular highlights of this narrow piece of land. Follow the link to see more pictures.
What a lover!!
flight 93 memorial
Pictures to Pennsylvania's Flight 93 memorial can be viewed here.
white egret in tree
colored cliffs
Lots of shore birds and beautiful scenery can be had on Edisto Beach, South Carolina.